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Book Review: Burn Our Bodies Down by Rory Power (2020)

July 7th, 2020 7:00 am by mad mags

A slooooow burn that never quite sparks.

three out of five stars

(Full disclosure: I received a free e-ARC for review through Netgalley.)

Blood on Nielsen land railway planner for free. Give it enough, and it might give something back.

Seventeen-year-old Margot Nielsen lives with her mom Jo in a run-down apartment in Calhoun, Nebraska. For as long as Margot can remember, it’s only been the two of them – which maybe wouldn’t be so bad, if her mom wasn’t so strange, so distant, so emotionally withholding herunterladen. In addition to tiptoeing around Jo’s fearful-avoidant attachment style, there’s a laundry list of weird rules that Margot has to adhere to in order to keep the peace. Chief among them: always keep a candle burning. The fire will save you.

The flame jumps up, stands steady and stark. My hand used to shake when I did this, but it doesn’t anymore how to download videos from zdf mediathek. No nerves as I hold the fire to the wick until it catches. No fear as I let the lighter go out, lean in to feel the heat on my skin. This is the part that matters to Mom. Watching me. On good days it comes with a kiss to my temple, with her favorite rule whispered in my ear. On most days it comes with nothing at all. Just the feeling that this is a test, somehow, and I’ve only barely passed word gratisen student.

Margot learned long ago not to ask about her family: not her father, and certainly not her grandparents. So when a chance discovery gives her an address and a phone number, Margot grasps at the apparent lifeline. She flees Calhoun, and Jo’s cruel indifference, for the opportunity to start over with her grandmother Vera at Fairhaven, the Nielsen family farm shieldwall herunterladen.

Margot’s arrival in Phalene is, ahem, portentous at best. Within minutes of setting foot in the town square, Margot learns of a massive fire – at the Nielsen farm, no less.

And it’s the second one in a generation. “A new fire for a new Nielsen,” as Theresa Miller – Phalene’s golden child and Margot’s apparent new bestie/partner in crime – proclaims herunterladen.

And there’s a body smack dab in the center of it. A corpse that wears Margot’s face.

With Tess’s help, Margot must get to the root of what’s rotten at Fairhaven – all while negotiating Vera’s own sickly sweet Southern brand of cruelty, and evading the Phalene police, who suspect Vera of arson and/or murder, and see Margot as their best chance of catching her. But the truth threatens to unravel Margot, and how could it not? Spoiler alert: things get pretty bonkers.

I really enjoyed Rory Power’s debut novel, Wilder Girls, and was hoping that she’s bring that same fierce feminist energy to Burn Our Bodies Down herunterladen. And, to be fair, she does. But Burn Our Bodies Down is a much slower burn that never quite sparked for me. The ending is inspired, but the buildup sapped most of the joy out of the discovery.

There’s a lot of creepy, gory weirdness to love here: Margot’s mother’s Bible, and the cryptic, frenzied diary entries scribbled in the margins instagram stories herunterladen app. The mysterious twin and doppelganger(s). The scorched apricot grove, and the ghastly fruit it produces. The sickly, misshapen corn. The spontaneous pregnancies (the ultimate in body horror, imho). The gruesome murder scene next door. Illicit farming practices. The association of women and nature in a way that feels like the inverse (or perversion?) of ecofeminism msn herunterladen kostenlos deutsch. But it takes sooooo long to get to the denouement, and until then you’re just left flailing, with no idea how everything clicks into place.

The climax comes around the 80% mark – which is pretty standard, now that I think about it. Maybe it just feels a lot longer because there’s so much repetition up to this point? Margot’s inner monologues about Jo and Vera and the importance/danger of family are germane to the story, to be sure; but the frequency and predictability just gets tedious after awhile app herunterladen windows 8.

Bottom line: I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it, either. It’s a great idea with a so-so execution that could definitely be redeemed with the right big- or little-screen adaptation. Until then, I’m eagerly awaiting Rory Power’s third book, In A Garden Burning Gold.

(This review is also available on Amazon, Library Thing, and Goodreads. Please click through and vote it helpful if you’re so inclined!)

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Book Review: Everything Is an Emergency: An OCD Story in Words & Pictures by Jason Adam Katzenstein (2020)

June 30th, 2020 7:00 am by mad mags

An OCD graphic memoir that’s equal parts harrowing and humorous wo kann man kostenlos herunterladen.

four out of five stars

(Full disclosure: I received a free e-ARC for review through Netgalley secure app sparda herunterladen. Content warning for mental health issues.)

Jason Adam Katzenstein is just a kid when he starts developing irrational fears. It begins with a creepy statue in his grandparents’ house; then he starts having nightmares about the Man with Red Eyes from A Wrinkle in Time adobe acrobat pro mac for free. Next come the compulsions, such as the need to pick up every. single. piece. of. litter., in an attempt to boost his karmic points, a la The Good Place transformers kostenlosen. These are closely followed by obsessions: with cleanliness and contamination and, later, feelings centered around guilt, panic, and relationships.

Everything Is an Emergency: An OCD Story in Words & Pictures is a graphic memoir outlining Jason’s journey herunterladen. As his OCD continues to escalate, his parents get divorced (it’s his child development specialist, Mary, who breaks the news). He experiences aggressive outbursts and fights with his stepdad; turns to dieting and exercise as a means of controlling something, anything in his life; discovers the transformative power of art; goes to college, makes friends, falls in love gaeb kostenlos herunterladen. Along the way, another therapist diagnoses Jason with OCD. But it’s not until he hits his rock bottom that he’s able to undertake the difficult work of getting better: both by going on meds, which could affect his work, and by confronting and neutralizing his fears through Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), a form of Cognitive-Behavioral therapy (CBT) boxcert.cer.

Everything Is an Emergency hit me smack dab in the feels music maker jam kostenlos downloaden. Though I don’t have OCD, I have struggled with social anxiety for as long as I can remember, and found so many of these panels relatable on a visceral level amazon prime series. The CBT/ERP scenes are especially agonizing, since I’ve been living my own version of this for the past three and a half years herunterladen. But it’s also counterbalanced by Jason’s delightfully dark sense of humor, conveyed masterfully through his artwork.

(This review is also available on Amazon, Library Thing, and Goodreads. Please click through and vote it helpful if you’re so inclined!)

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Book Review: Primer by Jennifer Muro, Thomas Krajewski, & Gretel Lusky (2020)

June 23rd, 2020 7:00 am by mad mags

Where street art meets superheroing jobmensa lebenslauf herunterladen!

four out of five stars

(Full disclosure: I received a free e-ARC for review through NetGalley lego star wars building instructions for free. Content warning for child abuse.)

Twelve-year-old Ashley has had a pretty crappy life. Thrown into the foster system after her abusive, career criminal father was finally caught, she’s been shuffled through five foster families in two years fremde instagram story downloaden. So you can understand her skepticism when she’s introduced to newbie foster parents Kitch and Yuka Nolan.

They quickly hit it off, though: Ashley and Yuka share a love of football (go Knights!), and Kitch is an art teacher at a community college, which dovetails nicely with Ashley’s penchant for illicit nighttime street art feuerwerk geräusche herunterladen. Before you can say Bansky, Ashley has a second family, a new friend (Luke, a classmate at Angelou Middle School – nice! – who’s seriously into wigs), and a mentor who loves art as much as she does herunterladen.

But things quickly go sideways when Yuka brings her work home … literally and covertly microsoft office word 2016 kostenlosen. A geneticist at Zecromax Labs who holds multiple degrees (again, nice!), Yuka was involved in the development of body paint that interacts with human DNA to grant its wearer superpowers kostenlose herunterladen apps. Part of a top secret government program called Project Warpaint, Yuka’s having a crisis of conscience over how the army will (mis-)use this technology – so she deletes the research and steals the paints, replacing them with fakes herunterladen.

Being a nosy almost-teenager, Ashley quickly discovers Yuka’s secret cache – and transforms into the superhero Primer (with a little costuming help from Luke) how can I download songs from youtube. But the army is keen to get its weapon back, and Yuka and Ashley’s good intentions have put them in the crosshairs of a rogue agent called Strack whatsapp über play store herunterladen. It’s up to Primer to protect her found family – but is this so-called “bad seed” up to the task? (Spoiler alert: Yes. Yes, she is. She is also adorable and sweet and almost makes me want to have kids of my own. Okay not really but you get my gist.)

Primer is a superhero story with heart and gumption and every gorram color in the rainbow. The storyline is maybe a little predictable, but delightful as heck. I love Ashley and Kitch and Yuka and Luke, and their relationships with one another.

The art – vibrant, arresting, and bursting with color – is really what takes Primer to the next level. Like, it’s jaw-dropping. Ashley, short and squat and oh-so-sure of herself, is crazy adorable, and her found family is pretty captivating too.

So many of Muro and Krajewski’s choices are inspired, from the limitless superhero combinations granted by the paints, right down to Luke’s passion and the namesake of his middle school. So much love all around.

I really hope this is the beginning of a new series at DC; I’m gonna be disappointed if we don’t get to see more of Ashley and her posse.

That said, don’t listen to Kitch, vegan lasagna is heckin’ delicious, okay.

S is for Skillet-Style Lasagna [Betty Goes Vegan] (0013)

2014-05-22 - VEW Pastichio Vegani - 0010 [flickr]

2011-12-31 - Lasagna - 0015

(This review is also available on Amazon, Library Thing, and Goodreads. Please click through and vote it helpful if you’re so inclined!)

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