Book Review: Beyond Recycling: A Re-user’s Guide: 336 Practical Tips to Save Money and Protect the Environment, Kathy Stein (1997)

May 10th, 2005 11:55 pm by mad mags

Another useful guide, but nothing groundbreaking

three out of five stars

During the course of researching an upcoming book on environmental issues, I’ve been required to read a number of practical guides on saving money while protecting the environment farming simulator for free in 2016. Many of these books follow the same cookie-cutter format: group the advice into themes, for example, room-by-room; begin each entry with a vague overview of the dilemma; present advice to help stem the problem; and conclude by offering a list of additional resources android email anhang herunterladen. “Beyond Recycling” is no exception: its tips are grouped in an encyclopedic format, with entries organized A to Z; each section begins by briefly describing the environmental issue in one to four short paragraphs, then counters with several tips to help combat the problem; and usually ends with a few “Helpful Resources” that interested readers can follow up on pdfen ing.

The author succeeds in providing her audience with “336 Practical Tips” to “Save Money and Protect the Environment.” The book is a good resource for those who want quick, practical, and efficient tips to conserve cash and help the planet herunterladen. The entries are nicely organized so that information can be found quickly and without much searching. Although the grouping of the tips is self-explanatory, Ms gratisen whatsapp. Stein really should have included an index as well, as some of the advice could be given more than one title, and some of the entries deal with more than one issue/activity herunterladen. However, this is a minor point, particularly since the volume is relatively short and straightforward.

A bigger complaint I have with this guide (and most other environmental “how-to” books) is the author’s failure to document her claims medieval 2 total war kostenlosen vollversion. Although I consider myself an avid environmentalist and have no doubts that we’re steadily spoiling the earth, I’m also wise enough to acknowledge that many of my peers don’t share my sentiments (isn’t that why we’re in this mess?) whatsapp images on pc. While those who are already concerned with environmental issues might not question these sort of general, unreferenced statements, such arguments won’t succeed in convincing more skeptical readers that there is indeed a problem that needs to be addressed zoom download for mac. Of course, I realize that these types of guides are targeted at the former audience, but it would be a nice bonus if “nature nerds” such as myself could also use them to persuade our disbelieving friends and family windows xp service pack 3 kostenlosen vollversion.

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