DawnWatch: Newsweek, "Can Barbaro Beat the Odds?" June 5 edition

June 4th, 2006 5:14 pm by Kelly Garbato

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The June 5 edition of Newsweek includes an article headed, “Can Barbaro Beat the Odds? Behind the scenes at the audacious operation that could save the leg, and the life, of a great racehorse who has captured America’s heart. (Pg 50.)

We read that on average, “a horse breaks down on the track 1.5 times for every 1,000 starts, a statistic that has remained fairly constant for decades. If airplanes crashed at the same rate, no one would ever fly.

“And while people usually survive a broken leg, horses often don’t. Certainly, after suffering multiple leg fractures they would never be expected to race again.”

The article explains, “Infection is a serious risk, either at the fracture site or in the opposite foot, which sometimes breaks down from the stress of the additional weight it must bear. But you can’t keep them off their feet; horses lying down develop problems with their lungs and digestive systems. All by itself the pain of a bad injury–or the psychological stress it induces–can be fatal to horses. For that reason, most horses with an injury like Barbaro’s would be destroyed, sometimes right at the track. But Barbaro, unbeaten in six races before the Preakness, is potentially worth as much as $30 million as a breeding stallion.”

We read about all that is being done for Barbara, and then:

“But the extraordinary measures taken on his behalf also served as a reminder that if Barbaro weren’t potentially worth millions of dollars, or if his owners weren’t wealthy themselves, the steps he took on the track at Pimlico very likely would have been his last.”

You can read the whole article on line at:

It offers a great opportunity for letters to the editor about the abuse of animals for human entertainment. Newsweek takes letters at letters [at] newsweek.com

Always include your full name, address, and daytime phone number when sending a letter to the editor. Shorter letters are more likely to be published.

Yours and the animals’,
Karen Dawn

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