The Petition Site: Fighting For Their Lives – Unchaining the Avondale Pit’s

June 6th, 2006 1:22 pm by mad mags

Please take a moment to sign this petition on The Petition Site: Fighting For Their Lives – Unchaining the Avondale Pit’s:

Two Rescuers in New Orleans happened upon two dogs at an address in Avondale, LA in late February while working with Villalobos staff facilitating a reunion microsoft visio herunterladen. The dogs were chained on very short, very heavy and padlocked chains. The dogs had no food, no water and no shelter. One dog was severely emaciated and his skin rubbed raw from the padlock and chain fifa 19 current squad. The other dog, while pictures show a doghouse present, we watched the dog attempt to go into the house and he could not reach it due to the short chain do not firefox pdf but open it.

After months of trying, THREE dogs were removed from this address in Avondale on Thurs 5/18/06. The owner signed a release for 2 and a euthanasia request for the other ein lied herunterladen. Saturday 5/20, the owner requested the animals back. Elena at JPAS has gotten this case on a docket with Judge Messina for June 8. This is our plea to Judge Messina for these animals powerpoint 2016 kostenlos herunterladen.

The animals are ON HOLD and will not be released until after the hearing date. NO ANIMAL HAS BEEN EUTHANIZED.

The hearing is in two days, so please take action ASAP picture frame for free german.

Via DDB.

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