DawnWatch: Newsweek magazine on microchipping — June 12 edition

June 8th, 2006 9:09 am by Kelly Garbato

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Good news in the June 12 edition of Newsweek. An article (pg 10) headed, “Microchips: Fido Once Was Lost, But Now He’s Found” tells us that only 5% of pets in the USA are microchipped, part of the problem being that “competing U.S. companies keep separate registries and require different scanners.” However we that in July, “Bayer HealthCare plans to start selling ResQ, a universal scanner that can read all brands of pet microchips. It’s already shipping 20,000 free ones to shelters and pet hospitals nationwide.”

And we read that some cities are starting to require microchipping in all pets.

PETA’s Daphna Nachminovitch is quoted:

“It is not pleasant having something the size of a grain of rice embedded under your skin. But it is far preferable to never being reunited with your person.”

Imagine how different things would have been for rescuers and frantic families in New Orleans, after Katrina, if New Orleans had mandatory microchipping.

You can read the full short piece on line at: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/13121966/site/newsweek/

It presents a nice opportunity for letters on any aspect of responsible pet guardianship.

Newsweek takes letters at letters [at] newsweek [dot] com

Always include your full name, address, and daytime phone number when sending a letter to the editor. Shorter letters are more likely to be published.

Yours and the animals’,
Karen Dawn

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