Doris Day Animal League: E-Newsletter, June 2006

June 8th, 2006 3:02 pm by Kelly Garbato

Here are the actionable items from DDAL’s June eNewsletter. Follow the links to take action!

The Big Chill

While Congress continues to show an interest in the Antifreeze Bittering Act (see next item) time is running out to pass this important bill to help keep animals from dying! The Antifreeze Bittering Act (S. 1110/H.R. 2567) requires manufacturers of ethylene glycol antifreeze to add a bittering agent to make the antifreeze unpalatable. Children and animals are drawn to the sweet taste of antifreeze, which results in thousands of poisonings every year. Please contact your senators and representative and ask that they co-sponsor this bill. It is especially important to target the members of the House Subcommittee on Environment and Hazardous Materials, which has jurisdiction over H.R. 2567.

Click here to find out if your help is needed to contact your U.S. Representative.

A United Warm Front

On May 23, 2006 DDAL Legislative Director Sara Amundson testified before the U.S. House Commerce Subcommittee on Environment and Hazardous Materials in support of H.R. 2567. Her intelligent testimony presented a compelling case in support of this bill. Other supporters appearing before the subcommittee included Dr. Melinda Eyrich, a veterinarian from New Mexico who has treated animals poisoned to death with antifreeze, and Jeffrey Bye from Honeywell International on behalf of the Consumer Specialty Products Association. Bill sponsor U.S. Representative Gary Ackerman (D-NY) spoke strongly in support of the legislation and continues to push for passage in the 109th Congress.

Visit the DDAL Web site to read Sara Amundson’s testimony.

Preparing For the Worst

With the official start of Hurricane Season on June 1st, many people have begun to plan for catastrophic storms, and so has the federal government. The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act (PETS Act), which requires local and state authorities to include in their evacuation plans how they will accommodate household pets and service animals in the event of a disaster. While the Senate has yet to pass the bill, Louisiana’s state senate has introduced the “Emergency Preparedness Bill” to provide a disaster operation plan for service animals and household pets. Of course, a personal disaster preparedness plan is the first line of defense for you loved ones, both human and animal.

Visit the DDAL Web site for more information on animal disaster preparedness and the PETS Act.

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