DawnWatch urgent: Please read and respond immediately, before 3pm EST Thurs — 8/24/06

August 24th, 2006 9:38 pm by mad mags

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Date: Aug 24, 2006 2:05 PM
Subject: DawnWatch urgent: Please read and respond immediately, before 3pm EST Thurs 8/24/06

The following is from Alderman Joe Moore, who has led the fight against foie gras in Chicago. I hope you will take a couple of minutes right now, as there is a 2pm Central time deadline, to send letters to ctc-response [at] tribune.com in response to the question “Has the City Council become too meddlesome?” commending the council on the foie gras ban (in your own words).

Here is Alderman Moore’s message:


Chicago Foie Gras Ban Under Attack – We Need Your Help

Dear Supporters,

The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board saw fit to publish an editorial in this morning’s newspaper, “From Toddlin’ to Meddlin'” (August 24, page 20), criticizing the Chicago City Council for “petty intrusions in people’s lives.”

Chief among their criticisms is the passage of the ban on the sale of foie gras within the City limits. Obviously I feel that far from being meddlesome, important issues like preventing the sale of a food product derived from the torture of innocent animals are precisely the sort of issues that should be tackled by legislative bodies. The Tribune’s Editorial Board also implies that the City Council is ignoring other issues in the City and focusing only on this issue, as if my colleagues and I are capable of only working on one issue at a time. One only need look at the City Council Journal of Proceedings from the City Council meetings at which these two ordinances passed and see the large number of other items that were considered and passed to know that this assertion is, at best, ridiculous.

The editorial calls for responses from readership under the heading “Has the City Council become too meddlesome?” by 2:00 pm Central Time today for publication online as well as in tomorrow’s “Voice of the People.” I strongly encourage you to take a moment from your busy day to email the Tribune regarding your feelings on the matter. It’s important to tell the Tribune that we support an independent, free thinking City Council.

If you’re unable to respond by the 2:00pm deadline, I still encourage you to respond through the Tribune’s normal route for Letters to the Editor. I’ve attached links to each to make it easier to respond if you so desire.

Very truly yours,
Alderman Joe Moore

LINK TO THE EDITORIAL: http://tinyurl.com/ootr3

The Tribune asks,


“- Has the City Council become too meddlesome? Use the form on this page or e-mail us by 2 p.m. Thursday at ctc-response [at] tribune.com with “council” in the subject line. Include your name, hometown and contact information. Responses will be published online and in Friday’s Voice of the People.



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