DawnWatch: Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary covered in NY Daily News — 8/26/06

August 27th, 2006 12:47 am by Kelly Garbato

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The Saturday, August 26, New York Daily News has a lovely article, by Amy Sacks, about the new Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, headed, “Refuge down on the farm.”

It opens:

“Two days after the World Cup championship ended last month, Melissa Nelson came upon a rooster that was dyed blue – like France’s team mascot – and left as garbage in a cardboard box in Chinatown.

‘He was panting and had string tied around his legs,’ said the Manhattan resident, who rushed the abandoned cock to her upper West Side vet.

“Today, Nigel’s early morning cock-a-doodle-dos are a wake-up call to dozens of other farm animals that live at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, a bucolic 23-acre farm located in the Catskill Mountains, two hours from the George Washington Bridge.

“Former television producer Jenny Brown, 35, and her husband, Doug Abel, 39, a film editor and Manhattan native, run the not-for-profit farm, which provides care, rehabilitation and shelter for abused and abandoned farm animals.”

“Many of the farm’s 67 chickens, roosters, turkeys, 12 giant pigs, 15 goats, eight sheep and four veal farm steers were rescued from the neglect and abuses of factory farms, stockyards and slaughterhouses.

Jenny Brown is quoted:

“‘Modern-day agriculture is all about profit. Animals aren’t treated as emotional creatures. Animals are treated like widgets on a factory line.'”

And about her sanctuary:

“”It’s a place where people can see the emotional side of a farm animal,’ said Brown, who spends much of her day closely trailed by three affable turkeys, Boon, Alfonso and Hershel.”

The article tells us more about the farm and ends with:

“Brown and Abel hope to increase awareness of the farm’s existence and raise money to fund new roads and a covered pig feed area.

On Sept. 9, you can join the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary family and enjoy Manhattan musician Joy Askew at WFAS’ Opening Day Celebration festivities, being held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For directions, information – or to make a donation, or learn how to sponsor a farm animal – go to www.woodstockfas.org

You can read the full piece on line at

(Thanks to Rina for making sure we saw this article!)

It provides a great opportunity for letters to the editor (particularly from those who have visited farm animal sanctuaries) about the cruelty of factory farming or singing the praises of a veggie diet.

The New York Daily News website says:

“The Daily News cares what you think! If you wish to express your opinion on any topic by submitting a letter to the editor (‘Voice of the People’) for publication, please include your full name, address and phone number. (This information will be used for verification purposes only; failure to include the information invalidates your request.) The Daily News reserves the right to edit letters. The shorter the letter, the better the chance it will be used. Then send your letter to voicers [at] edit.nydailynews.com .”

Yours and the animals’,
Karen Dawn

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