No Kill Advocacy Center: The No Kill Advocate E-Newsletter, Issue No. 5, 2006

September 5th, 2006 5:24 pm by Kelly Garbato

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A No Kill nation is within our reach…

The No Kill Advocate E-Newsletter

The No Kill Advocate Issue #5 for 2006 is available by clicking here.

The No Kill Advocate is a free e-newsletter.

In this issue:

A Call for Regime Change. The primary roadblock to a No Kill nation is the old guard of shelter directors who are content with the status quo. It is time for nationwide regime change.

Defining No Kill. There is only one legitimate definition of No Kill that doesn’t sweep animals under the rug. Animal lovers should not settle for anything less.

Socializing Shelter Animals. Animals in shelters deserve socialization and stimulation. Here’s how to do it.

The Ideal Animal Control Director. There is no list of compassionate directors to choose from, but that does not mean a community must settle for the status quo. We’ll show you how to recruit for success.

Legislative Failures. When Fort Wayne, IN, San Mateo, CA, and King County, WA passed their animal control legislation, the laws were hailed as a “national model.” We’ll show you why they remain a dismal failure.

And more.

The No Kill Advocate Issue #5 for 2006 is available by clicking here.

To support No Kill efforts nationwide by making a secure online donation, click here. To donate by check, click here.

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