Friday Random Cuteness: Snakes! In My Door!

September 8th, 2006 3:06 pm by mad mags

Though it’s fun to walk around muttering “Motherf’in snakes! In my motherf’n door!” all day long, it does suck to have to keep said door closed for fear that those motherf’in snakes will wander in and make themselves at home plantnet app kostenlosen. In the “plus” column, I guess the cross-breeze is no longer necessary since it’s only in the 70s now. Oh, well.

Snakes! In my door herunterladen!

2006-09-06 - SnakesInMyDoor-0002

2006-09-06 - SnakesInMyDoor-0003

2006-09-06 - SnakesInMyDoor-0009



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