Center for Biological Diversity: Tell Paris Hilton No! Help Free Exploited Wildlife!

September 12th, 2006 4:27 pm by mad mags

Via the Center for Biological Diversity:

Tell Paris Hilton No die besten seiten zum filmeen! Help Free Exploited Wildlife!

Alleged singer and celebutante Paris Hilton, desperate for attention – any attention – has recently inflicted her lifestyle on a succession of exotic pets as a publicity ploy filmeen netflix mac. The latest victim of Paris’s affections is a captive “pet” kinkajou cloyingly named “Baby Luv,” which has appeared in public draped across Paris as if it were the latest fashion trend herunterladen. […]

Fortunately, the state of California recognizes the serious threats that the international wildlife trade poses, both to wild animals from other countries and to U.S tv now inhalte herunterladen. species when these animals are imported and then abandoned or released. Due to these threats, it is illegal to import or possess kinkajous or other wild animals in California without a valid permit wie kann man iphone musik herunterladen.

But unfortunately, Paris Hilton does not seem to understand or share these serious concerns – and it’s unlikely she will unless she knows a growing number of people think her “fashion statements” are barbaric and tragically unhip battle to Middle-Earth legally. Please send a letter today to demand that Paris Hilton stop collecting and exploiting exotic wildlife and that she immediately free Baby Luv, the kinkajou foto's van google foto's downloaden!

See the new Paris Hilton kinkajou video at

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