Kinship Circle: Reprieve For Pig Who Escaped Slaughter

September 21st, 2006 9:52 am by Kelly Garbato

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A Kinship Circle Member Asked Us To Get The Word Out About…

From: PJ – PJ [at]
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006
Subject: Request for help

Reprieve For Pig Who Escaped Slaughterhouse

If you have questions, contact:
Valary Bremier at valary [at] or 415-461-9300
Kinship Circle is off-line from 9/21-9/26

Ask the pig’s “owner” to not send the animal back to slaughter:
Nila Robinson: 920-986-3472, defense [at]

Contact MSNBC, which ran the story below:
Letters to the MSNBC Web site: letters [at]
Letters to MSNBC TV: viewerservices [at]
MSNBC on the Internet
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Redmond, WA 98052

Contact Greenbay Press Gazette, which also ran the story: Letters To The Editor.

Contact, which also ran the story, here.
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Pig withstands Tasers to escape slaughter
150-pound porker finally succumbs to tranquilizers but avoids butcher

On the Washington Post
On the Green Bay Press Gazette

GREEN BAY, Wis. – A pig on the lam from a trip to the butcher withstood Taser shots from police officers and eluded authorities for more than an hour after wandering onto Green Bay’s major highway Wednesday night.

The 150-pound pig was spotted by a passing driver on U.S. 41 at 6 p.m. Wednesday night, Green Bay Police Lt. Todd LePine said. The animal reportedly went into traffic several times, creating a hazard, he said.

Officers located the pig about 7 p.m. and made two attempts to subdue it with a stun gun, he said, but it fled both times after pulling out the Taser probes. A passerby who described himself as a former pig farmer tried to wrestle the animal, but the animal pulled away from him as well, LePine said.

Three tranquilizer darts were finally used to bring the pig under control, and it was placed in blanket and lifted into an animal control van, LePine said. The animal was taken to the Bay Area Humane Shelter that evening. Police said a local attorney planned to claim the pig Thursday.

Appleton attorney Nila Robinson, who raises pigs on her farm, told the Green Bay Press-Gazette the pig was hers. The animal escaped somewhere between an Appleton Starbucks and Maplewood Meats near Green Bay.


I called a TV station – and they say the story has gone national – so we may be able to get a lot of support for him. I got the owner’s name and phone number. She’s a lawyer in Shiocton, WI. Nila Robinson: 920-986-3472

I left a short message on her answering machine. Do you think you could put a notice on your email list asking everyone to make a call or maybe someone can get an email address for the newspaper so that we can get a reprieve for this pig before she sends him back to slaughter.

Thank you, PJ Bremier
PJ [at]

If you have questions, contact:
Valary Bremier: valary [at] or 415-461-9300
Kinship Circle is off-line from 9/21-9/26


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