DawnWatch: Inside Edition, flooded with emails, will air another dog rescue follow-up Monday, September 25

September 25th, 2006 10:40 am by mad mags

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Date: Sep 24, 2006 7:40 PM
Subject: DawnWatch: Inside Edition, flooded with emails, will air another dog rescue follow-up Monday, September 25

I am delighted to share the following “Inside Edition” newsletter with you, from Sunday, September 24 märchen hörspiel herunterladen. (I thank Carol Weber McKee for sharing it with us.) It includes a selection of the emails the show received about the dog rescue story. We are told that “Inside Edition” was “flooded” with responses wie tut man fortnite herunterladen. I thank all those who wrote, as you no doubt encouraged Inside Edition to keep up the coverage. The show aired a follow-up on Wednesday, which included footage of the dog (who we in the animal advocacy community have come to know as Doogie, but whose name is Jake) nine days after his rescue, on all fours looking full of life mp4 dateien downloaden kostenlos. You’ll find that cheering that footage on line, here.

The “Inside Edition: newsletter announces that there will be another follow-up on Monday, September 25 remote desktop download kostenlos.

At http://www.insideedition.com/wheretowatch/ you can find your local station and air time for “Inside Edition.”

Inside Edition suggests, “Do you have a comment about a story on Inside Edition telefon symbol herunterladen? E-mail us at: iemail [at] kingworld.com ”

Please thank the show for continuing to cover the issue, and send them your comments about it. Your emails make a difference macwelt el capitan.

I will paste the Inside Edition newsletter below.

Yours and the animals’,
Karen Dawn


If you saw Inside Edition on Tuesday and Wednesday, you saw our reports on Jake, the elderly German Shepard who neighbors say they saw lying on the ground chained and listless for three days. After unsuccessfully trying to contact the humane society, they called in local animal activist Tammy Grimes, who took Jake from his owners yard, got him to a vet and now faces charges because she refuses to hand him back over to his owners, who deny Jake was neglected. Click here to see the story. We also ran a follow-up on Wednesday, where we showed new footage we received from Tammy Grimes of Jake, currently being held at an undisclosed location, up on all fours and looking a lot livelier than the video taken 9 days earlier when he was found by Tammy.

This story struck a chord with many viewers, and our inbox was flooded with e-mails from viewers. Most people felt that Tammy Grimes did the right thing, with many people even describing her as an “angel” and a “hero.”

“I think Tammy Grimes should be commended on having the courage to stand up for animals and do the job that needed to be done….My heart goes out to her and this poor dog.” – Linda, PA

“I am extremely moved by the story of Jake the dog and his heroic rescuer, Tammy Grimes. I just now saw the follow-up story on them. She should not be facing legal charges: Jake’s abusive owners should be facing criminal charges for their cruel neglect of Jake, and inevitably also of their dogs.” – Beth, CT

“They’re both heroes. When children are suffering people rescue them and the parents get into trouble for neglect. Jake’s owners should be
arrested for cruelty to animals.” – Muriel, Indiana

“I applaud the woman who took this dog and had him treated, fed, and gave him what all dogs need…Love.” – Pamela

“I don’t condone breaking the law, but I can say immediate action can mean the difference between life and death. I personally hope Tammy never reveals Jake’s location.” – Erin, Montana

However, some viewers thought Tammy went too far:

“That woman had no right to go into anyone’s yard and remove anything, even the dog. There are police and animal protections to deal with such.” – John

“A 19-year-old dog is very old, equal to a human living to be 133…..As far as I know it is the right of the owner to allow the animal to live out its years or have it humanely euthanized.” – Beth, West Virginia

“I will wholeheartedly support any effort to support laws that hold animal abusers legally responsible for their acts and treat them as the criminals they are. However I cannot support someone who breaks the law or who supports taking someone’s dog without the owner having the right to defend themselves.” – Irene, Indiana

Be sure to tune in Monday, when we expect to have an update on Jake-the-dog’s condition and the case against accused dog-napper, Tammy Grimes.



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