IDA Writing Alert: NJ legislator to propose ban on sale of foie gras; chefs nervous

September 29th, 2006 6:18 pm by mad mags

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Date: Sep 28, 2006 2:59 PM
Subject: Writing Alert: NJ legislator to propose ban on sale of foie gras; chefs nervous

Newsday ran an article about Assemblymember Michael Panter’s plan to introduce a bill that would ban the distribution and sale of foie gras throughout the state of New Jersey apple safari herunterladen. Besides a great number of restaurants that serve the “delicacy,” New Jersey is home to a major supplier of foie gras, D’Artagnan Inc amazon music app musik downloaden.

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* Every year nearly 500,000 ducks are confined into warehouses, force-fed with a pipe shoved down their beaks, and slaughtered for their diseased livers.

* Recent investigations of the United States’ only two foie gras farms found gross neglect and cruelty. Witnesses found tens of thousands of ducks confined in filthy, overcrowded confinements and others left to suffer in enclosures so small they could even spread a wing.

* Ducks are force-fed with a long metal pole repeatedly shoved down their throats. The torture begins when they are just three months old and continues until they are sent to slaughter.

* During the investigation of two U.S. foie gras farms, investigators found birds on the verge of death, covered in their own vomit. Other birds were found dead in their cages. They had suffocated and choked to death from being force-fed.

* Many of the ducks who survive become too sick to walk. Those who survive the feedings suffer from a painful illness that causes their livers to swell to ten times their normal size.

Letters should be less than 200 words and please remember to include your full name, address, and phone number (for verification purposes–street names and phone numbers will not be published) and not to use any wording in this alert.

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