Kinship Circle: [DISASTER NEWS] Pets Caught in CA Fires / Morehead, KY Pound Flood

October 5th, 2006 12:59 pm by Kelly Garbato

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Date: Sep 27, 2006 6:20 PM
Subject: [DISASTER NEWS] Pets Caught in CA Fires / Morehead, KY Pound Flood

Kinship Circle Animal Disaster Relief List – PERMISSION TO CROSSPOST

9/27/06: [DISASTER] Pets Caught in CA Fires / Morehead, KY Pound Flood



1. California Officials Won’t Let Woman Evacuate With Pets – From Jane Garrison
2. Funds Needed To Move Dog Victims Of Kentucky Flood
3. Update/Recap: Rowan Pound Flood in Morehead, KY
4. Original Crisis: Flood Disaster! KY Pound Submerged


1. California Fire Officials Won’t Let Woman Evacuate With Pets

SOURCE: Jane Garrison – janegarrison [at]

REPLY TO: Jane Garrison, janegarrison [at]

janegarrison [at] writes, 9/27/06:

URGENT- Can someone help? I just got a frantic call from a woman’s daughter in Lockwood Valley, CA (Ventura/Los Angeles area). There are horrible fires going on and the woman left her house yesterday morning to take one of her cats to the vet (who subsequently had to be put down) and when she returned to her home she was blocked by the fire department.

She has explained to them that she has 4 cats and 3 dogs in her house (one dog who is insulin dependent) and she needs to evacuate them. They have refused to let her back to her home even though her house is not in any immediate danger. If she does not get back in her home either her animals will die from starvation/dehydration or the house will eventually burn down.

PLEASE, if you have any contacts in that area or have any ideas please contact me immediately: Jane Garrison, JaneGarrison [at]


2. Funds Needed To Move Dog Victims Of Kentucky Flood

SOURCE: Liz Marshall – lizardmarsh [at]

Monetary contributions are graciously requested. Here is what Julia Sharp says today Sunday 9/24 in her update: We do need funds for gas and the van to get dogs to Chicago rescue. It’s been rough. The dogs will be moved back in the morning but we have some rescue offers and will be moving some out IF we can raise the funds to rent a cargo van. We are so lucky we have a decent dog warden here. Many KY wardens would have left the dogs to drown but not Jimmy. He was also there early this morning, bleaching and scrubbing it all down. It looks so clean right now. He took the forestry building dogs back and will be moving them from Jan’s and the vet’s in the morning…


Julia Sharp can receive donations via PayPal at her email address:
juliatat [at]

Rowan County Dog Pound
C/O Julia Sharp
164 East Main Street
Morehead, KY 40351

Sue C. 606-356-1939
Jan D. 606-462-0375
Julia S. 606-207-2795 or 606-784-1997


Rowan County K-9 Shelter
305 Bullfork Road
Morehead, KY 40351
Mon-Thur 3pm-6pm * Fri Closed
Sat 10am-3pm * Sun 12pm-3pm
The pound is in Morehead KY and it is the pound for Rowan County. This is
rural Kentucky 50 miles from the Ohio River and southeast Ohio.


3. Update/Recap: Rowan Pound Flood in Morehead, KY


9/23/06 – Rowan Pound flooded – Note from Jan, who helped evacuate the dogs:

By the time we left, it was running out the front door and at least a foot high inside the pound. We had to put the file cabinets, refrigerator etc on top of the desk. We were concerned about getting out of there before the road was closed.

Dogs were safely evacuated to the Rowan Vet Clinic, an old forestry building on 519 and my barn/house. Jimmy Hale the dog warden, said this will really finish off the foundation and cracks in the walls, as it was already getting in bad shape. I’ll keep you posted on what will happen in the next couple days. Thanks, JAN

FYI – People in the photos are Jenny Lyons- assistant to the dog warden, Jimmy Hale (warden) and helper loading the dogs for evacuation and the road with the yellow ribbon across it is Bull Fork right next to the entrance of the pound. Julia, Volunteer

9/24/06: Some of the dogs are back at the pound, the ones in the forestry building. The others will be moved back tomorrow. Jimmy really worked super hard to get the place bleached down and scrubbed up. Doggieangel

9/25/06: Julia, what a mess the flood made. Awesome work of Jimmy!!!! I am so sorry you got hit bad with the floods. What a excellent bunch of loving, caring people everyone was to pull together for these dogs once not cared about! Bravo to you and everyone who helped out. I wish I was able to something to help. P.S. hopefully you got, or will get, the 2 package ok that I sent to you for the dogs. Many prayers and love. Debbie, Lombard IL



4. Original Crisis: Flood Disaster! KY Pound Submerged

SOURCE: Liz Marshall – lizardmarsh [at], Julia Sharp – juliatat [at]

9/23/06 – This is an emergency. Please help the animals from Rowan County Pound in Morehead KY. The Pound is under water and the animals had to be moved. Please go adopt or rescue the animals or forward this email to people who can. All necessary contact info follows here below. Many people know who Julia Sharp is and have utmost respect for her tireless work.

Julia can receive donations via PayPal at her email address:
juliatat [at]

Julia Sharp – juliatat [at] – 9/23/06: The pound is under water. Up to the knees in water and RISING! Dogs are being held in old building on HWY 519, some at vets, some at Jan’s…We must find places for dogs TODAY. Pound will be unsafe for dogs for a few days until serious bleaching can be done. Dogs cannot be held at building too long. There will be major euth since pound is unsafe, bacteria, until water goes down and all is bleached. Mice and feces floating everywhere. See

To adopt/rescue pups, toothless chi, terrier mixes, labs, chow mixes and more, PLEASE CALL:
Sue C. 606-356-1939
Jan D. 606-462-0375
Julia S. 606-207-2795 or 606-784-1997

Through the power of email, all the dogs can be rescued or adopted. The pound only has ten runs. There are enough people to save these pets. Here is the Petfinder site where you can see who has been listed:

I’ve been hoping people would have saved the Chow mixes by now but they are still there. Please forward this message until the pets are safe. Thank you!

REPLY TO: Julia Sharp, juliatat [at]


Shannon Moore July 22, 1969 ~ May 31, 2006


Caring about innocent animals caught in Katrina’s wrath doesn’t diminish human suffering. It makes us human.


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