RAN: Weyerhaeuser and Canadian Logging Rights

October 13th, 2006 2:38 pm by Kelly Garbato

UPDATE, 3/1/07, via Rainforest Action Network:

Calling Weyerhaeuser for Grassy Narrows

Grassy Narrows community members Maria Swain, Gloria Kejick and Warren Ashopenace started a 3,000 mile journey from Ontario to Seattle, Washington to demand an “exit strategy” from Weyerhaeuser CEO Steve Rogel at the company’s corporate headquarters in Seattle. You can help without having to go anywhere.

Join us in calling Weyerhaeuser to demand an exit strategy that will stop clear-cut logging on Grassy Narrows’ land.


Via Rainforest Action Network:

Weyerhaeuser and Canadian Logging Rights: Defend Community Rights

Weyerhaeuser is cutting and running.

The failure of corporate logging is its treament of the land and the people who live on it. Weyerhaeuser’s cut-and-run strategy continues to leave communities behind while wrecking their environment with clear-cuts and loss of a precious natural resource: old growth forests. Not only is this cut-and-run strategy failing Weyerhaeuser’s own workers, but also its business. Government bailouts to support the company have only resulted in a form of corporate welfare that is prolonging the mistreatment of the land, natural resources and local people.

Join us in sending a message to leaders within Weyerhaeuser and the Canadian government demanding that the company turn over its logging rights in Saskatchewan and leave room for community forestry.



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