API: Make Plans to Celebrate National Bird Day

November 1st, 2006 6:53 pm by mad mags

Via the Animal Protection Institute:

Start Making Plans to Celebrate National Bird Day

National Bird Day - January 5th

January 5, 2007 will herald the fifth annual celebration of National Bird Day harry potter spiele downloaden. To commemorate the occasion, the Animal Protection Institute (API), in coordination with the Avian Welfare Coalition (AWC), is calling on activists around the U.S videos hochladen zumen. to take action on behalf of captive birds, by drawing attention to the exploitation of other country’s native birds that is being perpetrated by the U.S ritter spiele kostenlosen. pet industry.

Since there are a variety of things you can do to benefit the birds, some of which will take a bit of advanced planning, there seemed like no better time than the present to bring your attention toward this upcoming occasion and stress the need to take action on behalf of the birds bewerbungsvorlagen herunterladen kostenlos.

You can help the birds and celebrate National Bird Day in many ways. Click here to find out more wo kann man kostenlos musiken illegal.

Free 2007 National Bird Day Posters Available to Activists!

Thanks for Flocking Together to Help the Birds skype chip!

My mostest favoritist poster below the jump.

API - National Bird Day (January 5, 2007)



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