DawnWatch: Washington Post on joys of teen vegetarianism — 10/31/06

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The Tuesday, October 31, Washington Post has a story, by Jennifer Nelson, on the cover of the Health Section (Pg HE01) headed, “Don’t Have a Cow, Mom videoclipsen kostenlos. Your Kid Has Gone Vegetarian? That Can Be Good.”

It lets us know that the number of vegetarian and vegan kids is on the rise.

It described a “typical” way in which the choice to go veg is reached:

“A student at Wilson High School in the District, Ben took a class with former Post columnist Colman McCarthy in which students discussed alternatives to eating meat rockmusik kostenlosen. ‘We also saw a video that showed slaughterhouses and how people eat different animals around the world, like household pets,’ Ben says. Disturbed by those images, Ben made an ethical commitment to leave everything from sirloin steak to Chicken McNuggets off his plate.”

We read:

“Dietitians suggest that, although many families initially find the news tough to swallow (it sure put the kibosh on many a favorite meat meal in our house), a child’s choice to be vegetarian may ultimately make eating well a family affair minecraft java edition kostenlos downloaden. The ADA says that a well-planned all-veggie diet for children and adolescents can be nutritionally sound. And Jennifer Tender, a pediatric attending physician at Children’s National Medical Center whose three children are all vegetarian, says that families with vegetarian kids often seem more conscientious about fixing balanced meals.”

Marilyn Tanner, a pediatric dietitian at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is quoted, saying that if a child is going to be a vegetarian, “helping him do it the right way is very important, rather than arguing against it.”

We read:

Dietitians like Tanner can also point to research — including a 1991 study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition — that should ease worries about healthy growth: That study, which involved 1,765 children ages 7 to 18 attending public schools and Seventh-day Adventist schools, found that the Adventist semi-vegetarian children (those consuming meat less than once a week) were taller on average than their meat-eating peers.”

The writer states, “The bottom line is that some families with vegetarian kids improve their diets.” And she ends with this quote from the parent of a vegetarian teen:

“If your child comes to you and says they are going to be a vegetarian, I would say, ‘That’s fantastic.’ ” ยท

You’ll find the whole article on line here.

You can send comments to health [at] washpost.com or appreciative letters to the editor at letters [at] washpost.com.

The paper advises, “Please do not send attachments; they will not be read. Letters must be exclusive to The Washington Post, and must include the writer’s home address and home and business telephone numbers.”

You may wish to discuss the cruelty of factory farming or the joys of eating veggie. Please take the opportunity provided by this article to keep alive in the paper a positive discussion of plant-based diets.

Yours and the animals’,
Karen Dawn

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