NAVS: Stop House from Passing Federal Animal Enterprise "Terrorist" Bill

November 9th, 2006 4:45 pm by Kelly Garbato

Via the National Anti-Vivisection Society:

Stop House from Passing Federal Animal Enterprise “Terrorist” Bill

Bill Details

Name: Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
Number: HR 4239
Call for Action: Write or call your U.S. Representative to vote “NO” on any version of this bill.

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act singles out animal advocates for special treatment, targeting their protests for a special classification and attempting to connect animal advocates with “terrorism.” While the bill would allegedly give law enforcement agencies “necessary” tools with which to combat a rash of attacks against research institutions and individual researchers who work with animals, the advocates targeted by this bill aren’t the extremists who participate in these illegal acts.

Instead, the vague language of the bill and the sweeping emphasis on protecting the economic interests of animal enterprises really protects some of the institutions most egregious in their abuse and exploitation of animals. “Animal enterprises” include research laboratories, farming operations, pet stores and zoos and aquariums—any place where animals are used for commercial purposes.

However, no new law is necessary to arrest, prosecute or sentence individuals who use violence to accomplish their goals, as these laws already exist, including the Animal Enterprise Protection Act of 1992 and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act of 2002. The new legislation would increase penalties grossly out of proportion to earlier penalties and expand the scope of what constitutes “economic damage” and what is an “animal enterprise.”

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act passed the U.S. Senate in September before animal advocates had a chance to respond to a revised version of that bill. We can’t let that happen again!

The House, when it returns from its pre-election recess, may try to fast-track HR 4239, and get it passed without any hearings or debate.

Please help stop this measure NOW. Don’t let the federal government tar animal advocacy with the taint of terrorism!



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