DawnWatch: Foie gras lawsuit on New York Sun front page — 11/16/06

November 16th, 2006 7:10 pm by mad mags

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The Thursday, November 16, New York Sun’s front page includes an article, by Joseph Goldstein, headed, “In New Lawsuit, Activists Seek Ban On Production of Foie Gras in N.Y.”

It opens:

“Animal rights activists have asked a state judge to stop foie gras production in New York, saying the ducks used are overfed to such an extent that they are diseased and unfit for sale under state law picdrop photos.

“The lawsuit, if it succeeds, could spell the end of foie gras production in America, a goal animal rights groups have long sought. The two Sullivan county farms that are defendants in the suit are the only foie gras producers in the country, other than a Northern Californian foie gras farm that may shut down under a California state law banning the industry.”

And it explains:

“The plaintiffs, who include the state and national humane societies, claim that foie gras should be considered an ‘adulterated’ food product because the ducks grow so unnaturally fat and ill that they qualify as diseased under state agriculture law, according to the complaint herunterladen. It is illegal to sell the products of diseased animals under state law. The suit accuses the commissioner of New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, Patrick Brennan, for not classifying foie gras as an ‘adulterated’ food and taking it off the market, according to the complaint.”

You’ll find the full article on line at http://www.nysun.com/article/43609 soundcloud gratisen.

It presents a good opportunity for letters to the editor discussing the horrors of foie gras, or the the condition of most factory farmed animals. Good general resources are http://www.nofoiegras.org and http://www.factoryfarming.com.

For more on the lawsuit click here.

The New York Sun takes letters at editor [at] nysun.com and advises, “Letters must include the writer’s name, address and phone number.”

Yours and the animals’,
Karen Dawn

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