Earthjustice: Save the Rockies! Say No to the "Drill It All" Policy

November 17th, 2006 4:13 pm by mad mags

Via Earthjustice:

Save the Rockies! Say No to the “Drill It All” Policy

The Rocky Mountains are known for their rugged landscape, rushing rivers, and pristine wildlife. But today the health and beauty of the Rockies are being threatened by rampant oil and gas drilling across the region, from Utah’s canyonlands, to Colorado’s Roadless National Forests, to New Mexico’s rare desert grasslands.

In addition to scarring the landscaping with oil and gas rigs, the Bush administration’s rush to drill has needlessly threatened many species of wildlife and harmed air and water quality in the region. This is particularly troubling given that smart and easy solutions for improving energy efficiency and harnessing renewable power exist that would eliminate the need for more harmful drilling.

Take action and tell the Bush administration to stop endangering the Rockies through irresponsible oil and gas drilling!



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