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November 17th, 2006 3:50 pm by mad mags

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Date: Nov 16, 2006 11:21 PM
Subject: Writing Alert: Festive Vegetarian Main Dish – Washington Times

Congratulations to our volunteer writers whose letters to the editor of Philadelphia City Paper were published.

The Washington Times printed a story on vegetarian Thanksgiving options replete with recipes, as have numerous publications around the country, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday when some 45 million turkeys will be killed vlc player mac gratis herunterladen. Please respond with a letter to the editor or write a letter to the editor of your local paper encouraging readers to give turkeys something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving by not eating them.

Send letters to the Times online by clicking here.

Read “Festive Vegetarian Main Dish” online here roblox windows.

Festive Vegetarian Main Dish

By Mollie Katzen, The Washington Times
November 15, 2006

You can never have too many choices for vegetarians at Thanksgiving — so here’s another one to add to your list.

This delightful savory pie is light enough to leave room for all those great holiday side dishes, and it has such a good texture-and-flavor combination that turkey lovers might want to dig in as well shooter game kostenlosen. Make one or more mushroom pies up to several days ahead of time and refrigerate them. This way, your alternative (or additional) Thanksgiving entree will be ready to heat and eat on the big day.

Please note that this pie also is a perfect light supper for the days following the holiday, when we need less bulk as we literally decompress from all that richness mouse pointer to download. Enjoy.

[Kelly’s note: The full recipe is available online here.]

You can use the following points to assist you in writing your letter:

* Thanksgiving is a time for celebration. Causing animals to suffer runs counter to what most Americans find acceptable. If they realized the pain and suffering turkeys endure to become the centerpiece for their meal, far more people would be picking up the tofu drumsticks.

* At the slaughterhouse, turkeys are hung upside down by their legs and have their throats slit, often going into the scalding vat while still fully conscious.

* The meat industry doesn’t want consumers to know that turkeys raised for food are crammed inside warehouses with tens of thousands of other birds where disease, smothering, and heart attacks are common.

* Turkeys are confined in warehouses, never getting a breath of fresh air from the stench of ammonia—the result of living in their own waste—until they are crammed into tiny cages to be trucked to the slaughterhouse.

* Turkey is not a health food. Because of the intensive confinement that turkeys endure on factory farms, they are susceptible to salmonella and camplobactyr, two of the leading food borne illnesses according to the Center for Disease Control.

* Vegetarian alternatives to turkey, such as Tofurky and Unturkey are tasty, healthy, and cholesterol free! Turkey is laden with cholesterol and saturated fat—one cup contains 106mg of cholesterol.

Don’t forget to include your full name, address, and phone number (for verification purposes—street names and phone numbers will not be published). Letters should be less than 150 words.

Thank you for writing and Happy Save-a-Turkey Day!


Kristie Phelps
Communications Director

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