Dogs Deserve Better: Update on Tammy Grimes’ Trial, 11-27-06

November 28th, 2006 1:41 pm by Kelly Garbato

Dogs Deserve Better sent out a press release (.pdf) regarding founder Tammy Grimes’ latest court date, which was yesterday, 11/27/06. A note for new readers: Grimes, a PA resident, was arrested and charged with theft back in September for rescuing Doogie, a dying, chained dog. Background and past alerts here.

In addition to press releases, the DDB website is updated as needed with notes on the court dates, as well as calls to action for DDB supporters.

Here’s yesterday’s update:

11/27/06. Today was the pretrial conference in the jury room of the Blair County Courthouse. There were no further deals offered or made, and so we informed the judges that we would be continuing on to a jury trial. Mr. Dickey’s office will file a motion to dismiss all charges this week.

Tammy will be meeting with Mr. Dickey within the next week to figure out future moves.

We are currently set up for a further pretrial conference on February 5th at 8:30 a.m. This is the final pretrial activity before we move onto jury selection and go to trial.

There have been an unheard of number of letters to the editor published in the Altoona Mirror. 12 at last count, only three of which were negative. We have a TON of support here!

We would like everyone to continue to write letters to the editor of the Altoona Mirror at opinion [at] Keep them short and snappy if possible.

We also NEED to have a TON of people attend the hearing! We would like to hold a rally at the next pretrial conference, however it is very early in the morning…if you have a great idea how to really raise local support, please e-mail us at Tammy [at] and let us know.

How about a large group marching in a holiday parade in Altoona or Holllidaysburg? Worked for the suffragists!

You can read past updates, and keep abreast of the case, here.



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  1. Kelly Says:

    FYI: Best Friends’ Animal Law Coalition has a great summary of the case do date here. You can also donate to Grimes’ legal defense here.

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