WWF: Boost International Conservation Funds

December 6th, 2006 9:24 pm by mad mags

Via the World Wildlife Fund:

Boost International Conservation Funds

President Bush is in the midst of preparing his federal budget for fiscal year 2008 and the levels he selects will frame the budget debate in Congress next year wallpaper indianer kostenlos downloaden.

Please ask your members of Congress to urge the president to propose increased funding for international affairs, which includes international conservation heidepark image.

The 1.2 percent of all federal spending that our nation allocates for international affairs reaps us huge rewards in terms of increased U.S. and global security and sustainability herunterladen.

Because of the changes currently taking place in Congress, this is a critically important time to take action. Legislators will be facing enormous budget pressures next year and they will have to make difficult choices dvd herunterladen. Your voice is essential to ensure that the international conservation budget isn’t cut sky on demand herunterladen!



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