WWF: Help save one of Norway’s last magical places

December 8th, 2006 2:44 pm by mad mags

Via the World Wildlife Fund:

Help save one of Norway’s last magical places

In its final session before Christmas, the Norwegian government will decide how much of Southern Scandinavia’s last remaining large old-growth forest is to be protected gif handy.

The Trillemarka-Rollagsfjell area in Norway covers low-land forests with broadleaved deciduous trees, herb-rich spruce forests, dramatic river canyons and miles and miles of undulating forested hills covered by spruce and pine – all overlooked by majestic mountains ebook nederlands.

Within the forest scientists have discovered over 100 species that are endangered and threatened in Norway. The three-toed woodpecker, golden eagle and Siberian jay are just a few of the examples of the rich wildlife thriving in the old trees, where rare lichens and fungi conjures up a uniquely magical atmosphere herunterladen.

If the government fails to protect the whole of Trillemarka-Rollagsfjell in the coming weeks then the area’s unique environment and precious wildlife will be under threat mp4 for free.

Please go to http://mail.panda.org/inxmail/url?vhq2q00d4gi0q0ts53a3 and send an email now to the Norwegian government, urging them to do the right thing and protect all of Trillemarka-Rollagsfjell herunterladen!



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