WWF: Stop killing wolves in Switzerland

December 14th, 2006 4:09 pm by mad mags

Via the World Wildlife Fund:

Stop killing wolves in Switzerland

Thanks to conservation efforts wolves returned to Switzerland in 1995 after being driven to extinction throughout most of Western Europe at the beginning of the last century herunterladen.

But the future of the species in Switzerland now hangs in the balance once again.

In late November a wolf, which was reported to have killed around 30 sheep, was shot dead in the Valais region in south western Switzerland alte filme legal downloaden. This was the second wolf killed this year, following the shooting of a female in October.

Although the wolf is classified as a ‘strictly protected’ species in Europe, animals can still be killed legally under exceptional circumstances txt herunterladen. Yet despite the fact that the Swiss region’s highest court ordered a halt to the cull until a formal decision could be made, the authorities carried out their threat and killed the wolf regardless filme bei netflix herunterladen laptop.

The authorities in Valais have completely failed to promote prevention measures, which can drastically reduce attacks on livestock, and have even ignored advice from their own highest court herunterladen.

This sets a terrible example, which unless it is challenged, could soon be followed by other regions in Switzerland.

Click here and call on the authorities in Valais to stop killing wolves herunterladen.

Find out more information about this action here spiele apps herunterladen.



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