Consuming Women, No. 1.1

January 6th, 2007 1:25 pm by Kelly Garbato

My very first “Consuming Women” post – way back in June – was of an Elle Bache ad that featured a nekkid woman dangling precariously atop a set o’ chopsticks, sushi-style. Tagline: “Skin good enough to eat.”

Woman-as-fish: does it get any classier than this?:

Ella Bache (Sushi)


Fast-forward seven months. Turns out this was one ad in a series of three. I found the other two on Ads of the World while searching for more pics to add to the Animals & Women set. They’re not quite as offensive as the sushi one (really, how do you top comparing women to fish?), but they are insulting nonetheless.

First, woman-as-sweet-sweet-nectar:

Ella Bache (Honey)

And woman-as-ambiguous-edible-morsel:

Ella Bache (Spoon)

And the spoon is pink! (*Squeals*) How cute.



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