Friends of Animals: Stop Net-and-Bolt Deer Control

January 8th, 2007 5:51 pm by Kelly Garbato

Via Friends of Animals:

Stop Net-and-Bolt Deer Control

“Net and bolt” means trapping deer under nets, then attempting to restrain them, pressing a captive-bolt gun against their heads, and firing a retractable steel rod into their brains. The deer may struggle and kick, fracturing limbs or sustaining other injuries. Deer who move as the bolt is fired can be painfully wounded, not killed, and the struggle continues until additional shots are fired.

Stress may be so acute as to cause the death of some of the deer prior to bolting.

The reasons given for considering this? A burgeoning deer population has been cited as a problem in New Jersey. But in the absence of violent or artificial manipulation, deer will adjust to food sources and available shelter to create a natural balance. On the other hand, killing is cyclical. […]

Net-and-bolt deer control is unreasonable, ineffective, and grotesque, and we are urging its immediate prohibition.

For more on deer “control” in NJ – as well as contact info for NJ officials – see the Friends of Animals blog.



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