DawnWatch: New York Magazine’s "Everything Guide to Getting a Dog" 1/15/06

January 9th, 2007 6:15 pm by mad mags

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The January 15 edition of New York Magazine includes, “The Everything Guide to Getting a Dog.”

It has seven sections:

“1 autodesk autocad herunterladen. The Pound or the Purebred?
Two paths to bringing home Fido.

2. What to Get, Pre-Puppy
From beef bones to hound health books.

3 film aus arte mediatheken. The Cost of a Dog
Here, the range of prices for a canine companion, from the local shelter to the toniest puppy producer.

4. Ten City-Friendly Dogs
Here, ten dogs with the temperament to enjoy sidewalks, traffic, and the dog run warrock german free.

5. A Year of Kibble-and-Playdates Calculus
Two ways to pamper your dog.

6. Ask an Expert: the Dog Trainer
On puppy mills, chew-a-holics, and why you should wait a month to name the new dog herunterladen.

7. Getting Around
Navigating subways, trains, and taxis with pooch in tow.”

Though we wish the article was all about rescue, at least rescue is well represented java mac herunterladen. “The Pound or the Purebred” simply gives information as to where one might buy, and where one might rescue. But “The Cost of a Dog” section, by Rosecrans Baldwin, opens with these two rescue options:

” • German shepherd mix (Animal Haven Shelter, New York). . . . . $128.50

” • Golden retriever (Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue, Plainview, New York) . . . . . $350″

Under “Ten City Friendly Dogs,” also by Rosencrans Baldwin, the first recommendation is:


Pros: You’re saving a life. And a mutt’s diverse genes often mean he’ll have a more middle-of-the-road temperament.

Cons: Without knowing the dog’s lineage, it’s hard to foresee health problems.”

There is also strong anti pet store information. The Section, “Ask the Expert: Dog Trainer Andre Arden” includes this:

“Is it true pet stores are fronts for puppy mills?

“Some stores will claim their puppies come from good breeders—but, logically speaking, wouldn’t a good breeder want to know what home their dog’s going to? In my mind, a puppy mill is a place where animals are bred for income, where the breeders aren’t doing as much as they can to raise the puppies properly. So yes, the majority of dogs in these pet stores are from puppy mills. And the reason the stores do well is the guilt factor. People think that by buying from a pet store, they’re saving that dog in the window. But by paying $3,000, you’re not rescuing that dog; all you’re doing is condemning that dog’s parents to being bred that many more times while living in a tiny little cage in South Dakota or Missouri.”

It is great to have that included in the article.

The spread provides the perfect opportunity for letters on the joys of adoption. New York Magazine takes letters at NYletters [at] newyorkmag.com and asks for a daytime telephone number.

Yours and the animals’,
Karen Dawn

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