Kinship Circle: Stu In Grave Danger. Again. [KC MEMBER ALERT]

January 10th, 2007 3:01 pm by mad mags

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Date: Jan 10, 2007 1:35 PM
Subject: Stu In Grave Danger. Again. [KC MEMBER ALERT]

Jeffrey de la Rosa, jeffrey.delarosa [at]

Jeffrey de la Rosa, jeffrey.delarosa [at]


1/8/07: Stu, Los Angeles “Evidence Dog,” Pulled From Rescue And Back In Pound Stu is in grave danger. Again.

Kinship Circle - 2007-01-10 - 01 - Stu

Stu’s “mugshot” 9.15.2005


In August, 2006 concerned animal lovers like you flooded the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Animal Services offices with emails, calls and faxes to save Stu from a planned “euthanasia” for haphazardly being declared a “dangerous dog.” Please, I need your help again.

16 Months of confinement. From pound to sanctuary to pound again.

Ed Boks’ heartless act of retaliation.

Because I exposed Stu’s horrid, filthy, obese and tick-ridden condition while in the pound for over a year (see Stu’s website for photos and video), Stu was secretly moved by Animal Services to Villalobos Pit Bull Rescue in September, 2006 herunterladen. According to General Manager, Ed Boks that plan at the time was to have Stu’s behavior evaluated and he was to receive training “if necessary”. Mr. Boks stated that he would “re-open” Stu’s case so that Stu would receive fair treatment which was not the case in the initial hearing process. While at Villalobos, owner Tia Maria Torres proclaimed that no harm would ever come to Stu and that he would leave (except to come home) her sanctuary “over my dead body.” I was able to visit with Stu, exercise him and bathe him at the rescue.

That evaluation took place and was done by Dr. Richard Polksy, PhD, a certified animal behaviorist. Dr. Polksy’s detailed and informed report found that Stu is not a “dangerous” dog snagit deutsch kostenlos. The doctor’s conclusion in that report is here.

Because of the deplorable conditions at the Los Angeles pounds, and the chronic neglect of basic health care suffered by dogs held for long periods, I became active in rescue and have openly criticized Mr. Boks and his department for treating the animals inhumanely. This has sparked a personal vendetta against me by Ed Boks and he has now escalated his attacks on me, which included a December 8, 2006 nighttime raid on my home designed to thwart my rescue activity. See here.

Why was Stu pulled from Sanctuary? What will his fate be now?

Stu is now at North Central pound where he will most likely become sick and it’s possible they will find and excuse to “euthanize him.” Most dogs become sick at the pound and Stu has had upper respiratory infections, ticks and fungal infections on his paws while their previous ringtones for free iphone. There are 2 veterinarians for six city shelters. Read the LA Times article here.


CALL TO ACTION – How you can help Stu, Maeve and me:
See more background reports after CALL TO ACTION

• When sending comments, refer to case numbers 05329NC and 05331NC

• Please be kind enough to CC: me on your emails, Stu.911 [at]

1. Contact Ed Boks, General Manager, to immediately return Stu to the Rescue.

2. Contact the Board of Commissioners to do #1 and issue a statement/stipulation to the Court that they are eager to review cases.

3. Contact the Mayor of Los Angeles to expedite #1 and #2.

4. Demand that Stu, impounded for 16 months and now obese, receive an immediate and complete medical evaluation and treatment kan sonos app niet downloaden.

5. Demand I be allowed to visit with Stu outside of his cage at the North Central Los Angeles pound and at any subsequent rescue.

I thank you for you kind attention and your time and realize that we are asking a lot. You are our last best hope and you have my undying gratitude.

Jeff de la Rosa, Stu’s Dad


Cc comments to:
Stu’s Owner/Guardian, Jeff de la Rosa
email: Stu.911 [at]; ph: 323-864-7410
Stu’s website:

Ed Boks, General Manager, Los Angeles Animal Services
221 N. Grand Ave. 5th floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012
ph: 213-482-9558; fax: 213-482-9511
email: eboks [at], Ed.Boks [at]
(USE BOTH EMAILS. For some reason, he has two.)

Deborah Knaan, Asst. General Manager (former Commissioner)
Los Angeles Animal Services
221 N herunterladen. Grand Ave. 5th floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012
ph: 213-482-9558; fax: 213-482-9511
email: knann [at]

Board of Commissioners
Los Angeles Animal Services
221 N. Grand Ave. 5th floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012
ph: 213-482-9558; fax: 213-482-9511

LAAS Commissioners
Marie Atake: PawAngel [at]
Tariq Khero: tariqkhero [at]
Kathy Riordan: Ninekitties [at]

Ross Pool, L.A. Animal Services Commission Secretary
ph: 213-482-9501; fax: 213-482-9511
email: Commission [at]

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
City of Los Angeles
200 N. Spring St., Room 303
Los Angeles, CA 90012
ph: 213-978-0600; fax: 213-978-0750
email: mayor [at]

Jimmy Blackman, Deputy Chief of Staff
ph: 213-922-9748; fax: 213-978-0889
email: Jimmy.Blackman [at]

Marcus Allen, Deputy Chief of Staff
ph: 213-922-9750; fax: 213-978-0889
email: Marcus.Allen [at]

Robin Kramer, Chief Of Staff
ph: 213-922-9739; fax: 213-978-0727
email: Robin.Kramer [at]

Office of the City Attorney
Dov Lesel, Counsel to Animal Services
email: DLESEL [at]

Eric Garcetti, President: garcetti [at]

Mitch O’Farrell, Special Asst herunterladen. to Mr. Garcetti:
mitch.ofarrell [at]

councilman.rosendahl [at], padilla [at], greuel [at], reyes [at], zine [at], Labonge [at], cardenas [at], parks [at], perry [at], smith [at]

eboks [at] ANI.LACITY.ORG, Ed.Boks [at], ContactAdmin [at], PawAngel [at], knaan [at], tariqkhero [at], knightsplay [at], Ninekitties [at], Commission [at], mayor [at], Jimmy.Blackman [at], Marcus.Allen [at], Robin.Kramer [at], councilman.rosendahl [at], padilla [at], greuel [at], reyes [at], zine [at], Labonge [at], cardenas [at], parks [at], perry [at], smith [at], garcetti [at], mitch.ofarrell [at],DLESEL [at]



Ed Boks in a 1/7/06 email to me, stated the following:

“Jeff, Regretfully you continue to prove [sic] my point regarding compassion

With respect to Stu, because you took the matter to the courts, it is no longer in our hands

I sincerely hope you are successful in getting the courts to reopen the case. I have been informed that neither I nor the Commission have the authority to do so

Although I continue to seek a legal, life affirming solution for Stu it seems at this point a judge will decide his fate.

As to why we returned Stu to. NC, consider your recent behavior at the Sanctuary. I would have preferred to leave Stu there but your behavior made that impossible. While I may be fair game for your abuse, our partners are not

It is truly a shame that Stu continues to suffer the consequences of your actions download the image editing program free of charge. Ed”

What’s he talking about?

I visited Stu at Villalobos Rescue on 12/23/2006 and spent over an hour playing ball, and just having fun with him in the rescue’s “turnout” area. When I went to return him to his kennel, no staff was around and someone had taken the leash used to get him from the kennel to the play area. Since Tia’s daughter had said that she “never uses a leash with him,” I proceeded to walk him to his kennel. He was “loose” for about 10 seconds in a fenced area and there was no incident or interaction with other dogs or people. A prison parolee staff member belligerently accosted me, grabbed Stu and ejected me from the property. Read the account of that visit here:

Note: I was forced to take this to the courts due to deadlines for filing and because for over a year the Department did nothing to rectify their mistakes heart image.

My History With Stu From Rescue To Impound

Stu was a stray dog who adopted the lighting department on the Denzel Washington film Training Day in 2001. After 3 weeks of his company every night, all night, I could not leave him on the streets of the Crenshaw District. He was flea infested, tick-ridden and emaciated. We fell in love and I brought him home live with me and my other two dogs. The crew of Training Day was so taken with Stu that they donated over $400 for his care. Stu thrived in my care and is a smart and happy, well-trained dog. I took some effort to curtail his escape artist tendencies but I succeeded. For 5 years we lived happily together without a negative incident motorrad spiele kostenlos downloaden.

In 2005 I was called away to the death bed of my mother and left Stu and the other dogs, Maeve and Annie, in the care of my assistant. For some unexplained reason, Stu and my other dog fought about something and Stu’s ear was badly injured. They do not have a history of fighting but were most likely disoriented by strange surroundings. Against my instructions, the assistant locked herself in a small room, cornered a dog in pain and attempted to slide a harness over his torn ear. Stu was scared and bit her. She has been treated for her injuries and will receive an equitable settlement from my insurance company.

A Los Angeles Animals Services hearing was convened in which I was deprived of witnesses and evidence was destroyed by the department and in spite of this, the Hearing Examiner found Stu to be NOT DANGEROUS. However, the embattled then GM, Guerdon Stuckey reversed this decision and declared Stu DANGEROUS and sentenced him to die. Days later, Stuckey was fired by the Mayor herunterladen.

Both Stu and Maeve’s licenses were revoked and Stu and Maeve have been impounded since September, 2005. Maeve was moved to private boarding at my insistence to the tune of $3400 so far.

I appealed to the Commissioners and was denied. My last recourse to save my dog and return him home was to file for a Writ of Mandate in Superior Court to force LAAS to reconsider their findings. Ed Boks, Animal Services General Manager, himself, has declared that he hopes I am successful in this court case. Others inside LAAS also would like to review this case. Unfortunately it is up to a Judge David Yaffe, who has a reputation for being cantankerous and harsh. David Grace’s article on Yaffe includes the following tidbit:

My negative perception of this jurist, I have found, is shared by others. If I bring up the topic of David Yaffe in conversations, I hear comments such as “he’s crazy” and “he’s a contrarian son of a bitch.” (Each of the persons so labeling Yaffe is a leading practitioner.) A Superior Court judge told me he avoided talking with Yaffe at a judges’ event, saying, “I would have puked all over him.”

Read more about the judge:

Obviously we are not encouraged that Stu will receive fair treatment in court.

Kinship Circle - 2007-01-10 - 02 - Stu

Kinship Circle - 2007-01-10 - 03 - Stu



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