COK: Demand Truth in Labeling on Egg Cartons

January 13th, 2007 12:23 pm by mad mags

Via Compassion Over Killing:

Demand Truth in Labeling on Egg Cartons

In September 2006, COK co-filed a federal rule-making petition calling upon the Food and Drug Administration to mandate labels on egg cartons clearly identifying how those eggs were produced (i.e., “Eggs from Caged Hens”) office mac. The egg industry is fighting this effort tooth and nail, begging the question: What do they have to hide? The obvious answer is: quite a lot.

More than 95% of eggs produced in the U.S herunterladen. come from birds confined in wire battery cages so restrictive, they can barely even move—a practice that most consumers oppose. The use of animal welfare claims on egg cartons, however, is not federally regulated, and enabling the industry to indiscriminately use phrases such as “animal friendly” or images of hens roaming around outside, even if those eggs came from battery-caged birds lieder herunterladen von youtube. You can help protect hens and consumers by submitting comments in support of this petition.

Please tell the FDA today that you support this petition youtube podcast herunterladen!



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