DawnWatch: WKYC hog farm follow-up — shocking footage. Please send thanks. 1/17/07

January 18th, 2007 5:07 pm by Kelly Garbato

NOTE: The original DawnWatch alert, “DawnWatch: WKYC airs shocking hog farm story and follow-up. Please thank the station — 11/30/06”, is available here.

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Subject: DawnWatch: WKYC hog farm follow-up — shocking footage. Please send thanks. 1/17/07

In late November, WKYC in Ohio aired a story they headed, “Special Prosecutor investigates handling of pigs on northeast Ohio Hog Farm.”

They aired a follow-up the following evening, the anchor holding a big stack of emails received from viewers in response to the first story.

Yesterday, January 17, the station aired a piece about the prosecutor’s choice to move forward. The anchors mentioned that the case had generated interest not just across the viewing area but on the internet around the world. I send a huge thank you to all who wrote!
Signing off last night’s story, reporter Bill Safos said, “We will follow the story because there has been much interest in this…”

You can watch the January 17 follow-up story on line here.

It includes horrifying footage of a conscious sow being hung, strangling slowly.

And it includes a heartening quote from the prosecutor:

“I think what we are doing is speaking up for the voiceless. They don’t have any say in it. Animals can’t report when they are being mistreated.”

The station has made it clear that public interest, your feedback, helps keep them on the case, so please send appreciative notes to news [at] wkyc.com.

Please also send a special thank you to reporter Bill Safos at billsafos [at] wkyc.com.

If you are in the Cleveland area, make sure WKYC knows you are a local viewer who is thrilled at the station’s attention to this issue.

Yours and the animals’,
Karen Dawn

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