Kinship Circle: DIGEST – Israel Product Testing Ban, Serbia Still Poisoning, Iditarod Torture + MORE

January 24th, 2007 2:21 pm by Kelly Garbato

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Date: Jan 23, 2007 10:13 AM
Subject: KC DIGEST: Israel Product Testing Ban, Serbia Still Poisoning, Iditarod Torture + MORE


1/23/07: Kinship Circle DIGEST / ALERTS FROM MEMBERS
Israel Product Testing Ban, Serbia Still Poisoning, Iditarod Torture + MORE


1. Julia Sharp, Well-Known Rescuer, Needs Our Help
2. Israel: Ban Animal Testing For Cosmetic/Cleaning Products
3. Serbia: Mass Poisoning (T-61) Begins Again
4. Serbia: Fire Your Weapons For Those Who Can’t
5. EU: Support Written Declaration, EU Ban On Bullfighting
6. Family Dog Shot By Police Denied Aid; Dies Slowly
7. Who’s Supporting Iditarod Dog Torture In 2007?
8. Spanish Galgo Appeal: Send Email To Save These Dogs
9. Wish SHAC 7’s Josh And Jake Happy Birthdays
10. Argentina: Horse Drops Dead On Street In Entre Rios
11. Atlanta Puppy-Baking Trial Date Set For 1/29/07
12. Romania: Urge Press To Cover Crimes Against Animals
13. Animal Activist’s Home Raided
14. A Stockyard Filled With Sad Brown Eyes

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All That Is Best In Me I Have Given To The Animals

REPLY TO DIRECTLY TO: Quote submitted by Sharon Hopkins, montalice [at]

Kinship Circle - 2007-01-01 - 05 - Conference

From the preface to “The Story of San Michele” by Axel Munthe (written in 1929)

All that is best in me I have given to the Animals and I mean to stand by them to the last and share their fate whatever it may be. If it is true that there is to be no heaven of rest for them when their sufferings here are at an end, I for one, am not going to bargain for any heaven for myself. I shall go without fear where they go, and by the side of my Brothers and Sisters from the Forests and the Fields from the Skies to Seas, lie down to merciful extinction in their mysterious Underworld, safe from any further torments. Axel Munthe 1857 –1949


1. Julia Sharp, Well-Known Rescuer, Needs Our Help

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: chris dillenburg, chris_dillenburg [at]


1/17/07, from chris_dillenburg [at] — As many of you already know, Julia Sharp has suffered a mini stroke, and is in need of rest and recuperation. It is important that she avoid all stress at this time.

She has taken on a lot and her rescue vet bill is still very high. This bill is a huge source of stress for her. She needs donations to cover some of the expenses. Her vet office takes credit cards by phone and checks by mail.

The rescue bill as of 1/16/07 is $1,846.69, which is down quite a bit from last month. Julia deeply appreciates all the help she has received with the rescue expenses.

Morehead Vet Clinic / 103 Bartlett Drive / Morehead, KY 40351


PayPal button at the “STAR website,” solely for vet expenses. Click “make a donation” button above picture of Goofy.

Julia said the vet office will answer any questions people may have about her and the rescue bill. She wants people to know her personal animals are NOT included in the rescue bill. She keeps 2 accounts at the clinic.

*Julia also asks that if people can help a Rowan Pound dogs, to please contact Jan Dacci or Sue Creasap. Contact info is on the homepage of the STAR website,


9/27/06: Pets Caught in CA Fires / Morehead, KY Pound Flood


2. Israel: Ban Animal Testing For Cosmetic/Cleaning Products

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: adamatova adamatova, adamatova [at]


1/15/07, from Joy Sherri, adamatova [at] — In light of today’s rejection by the Knesset of an amendment to a law which would ban animal testing in cosmetic and cleaning products, a petition has been written to be sent to the National Council for Experimentation on Animal Subjects and other sources both in Israel and abroad, to strongly request that this ban be reviewed and be passed. The laws against causing pain and suffering to animals are part of our heritage and to have them dismissed in this way by politicians is nothing short of an outrage. I urge you to take a moment to read the petition and to place your name to it.


SIGN PETITION: No to Animal Experimentation in Israel Cosmetic Industry

To: National Council for Experimentation on Animal Subjects

I agree that all animal testing in Israel for cosmetic purposes should be banned immediately. We already have hundreds of cosmetic and cleaning products on the market and to deliberately cause animals pain, suffering and ultimately death in order to produce yet more non-essential home care and cleaning products is morally, consciously and scientifically unjustifiable.

On January 15, 2007 a proposed amendment to a bill proposed by Likud MK Gideon Sa’ar that would have seen new legislative action taken to prevent experimentation on animals for the purposes of testing cosmetic or cleaning products was rejected by the Knesset.

I hereby put my name to this petition and strongly request that the Knesset re-review the amendment preventing using animals in testing of cosmetic and cleaning products and to take immediate measures to ensure the immediate cessation of the ongoing animal experimentation in Israel in this industry.

In addition, I put my name here in full support of a boycott against any Israeli product manufactured through animal testing and will hereby be choosing products which specifically state that no animal testing was done in their manufacture.

Sincerely, The Undersigned

SIGN PETITION: No to Animal Experimentation in Israel Cosmetic Industry


3. Serbia: Mass Poisoning (T-61) Begins Again

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Slavica Mazak Beslic, epar [at]

The Society Friends of Animals FRIEND-EPAR for Esteem and Protection of Animal Rights –


1/18/06, from epar [at] — These dogs will be killed in Svilajnac by T-61 after 3 or 10 or maybe 30 days if nobody don’t do something…

Kinship Circle - 2007-01-23 - 01 - Section 3, Serbia

Kinship Circle - 2007-01-23 - 02 - Section 3, Serbia

These dogs are still in life, but we don’t know how many days, they will. We have bring criminal charge – again, again, and again, but this killers always kill dogs and time go further. This is horrible. We don’t know how we can rescue dogs. We have laws, but nobody don’t implement laws. It is very difficult look at this crime – every day in every of towns and villages in Serbia, and cannot help victims. Serbia is one ocean of pain of animals. Everybody make dirty business with killing strays for bounty (money), because authorities of Serbia don’t want punish this crime. Please help animals!!! Regards, Slavica Mazak Beslic, Friends of Animals FRIEND-EPAR for Esteem and Protection of Animal Rights, Serbia

1/17/07, from Zvonko Palanski, palanski [at] EUnet.yu — NEWS: SVILAJNAC, 17.01.2007 — On 15th January 2007 Director of the company for the Public Services JKP MORAVA, Mr. Miodrag Milosevic and the owner of the firm HIGIJENA TOMIC – Ljig, Mr. Zoran Tomic, signed a contract whose realization started the next day on the 16th. The following prices have been accepted by this contract:

– team of dogcatchers from 8AM – 2PM paid a flat rate 17000 din
– Ketamin stunning with a stun gun 400 din per dog
– dog keeping 210 din a day per dog – compulsory keeping in Jabucani where this object is, 105km far from Svilajnac, is 30 days; if paid by JKP MORAVA
– euthanasia 1000 din per dog
– neutering 3000 din per dog
– vaccination against rabies 500 din per dog
– microchipping 1900 din per dog
– transport of the dogs back to Svilajnac 50 din /km

You can see from the above price list that both sides accepted, that it stimulates euthanasia which costs 1000 dinars, and that neutering, microchipping, vaccination and transport to the place they were taken from is not stimulated…

euthanasia = 1000 din = 12,5 euros
saving the dog = 17300 – 20000din = 216,25 – 250 euros

Guess what option JKP MORAVA always chooses?

The aim here is to show ‘a good will’ in the price list to neuter, rehome the dogs or take them back to the place where they were found, but in fact the only aim is their mass killing, and this is their hypocritical intention to fool the whole civilized world, when in fact they do the mass killing and charge the township’s budget – it is a criminal act against the environment and an economic crime.

This should be taken into consideration by Public Attorney and the Court. We insist that everyone involved in these criminal doings is punished in accordance with the law of Serbia.


President of Serbia, Mr. Boris Tadic: mrakic [at] predsednik.yu
Prime Minister of Serbia, Mr. Vojislav Kostunica: lgvozden [at]
Public Attorney General-Deputi, Mrs. Gordana Milosevic Stojanovic: rjtdz [at]
Veterinary Director of Serbia, Mr.Dejan Krnjaic: vetuprava [at]
Chef of G17+, Mr. Mladjan Dinkic: oovozdovac [at] sezampro.yu
Mayor of Svilajnac city, Mr. Dobrivoje Budimirovic: soinf [at] ptt.yu
Mayor of Nis, Mr.Smiljko Kostic: mayor [at]
Vet station, Vranje: vetvranje [at] ptt.yu
Mayor of Sabac: milosstanojcic [at]

SERBIAN MEDIA: redakcija [at], redakcija [at], redakcija [at], redakcija [at], telegraf [at] eunet.yu

EU PARLIAMENT: agri-press [at], press-EN [at]

Cc: contact [at]

Kinship Circle - 2007-01-23 - 03 - Section 3, Serbia

Kinship Circle - 2007-01-23 - 04 - Section 3, Serbia


12/20/06: Slaughter On The Streets Of Serbia


4. Serbia: Fire Your Weapons For Those Who Can’t

REPLY TO DIRECTLY TO: Marijo, Marijo [at]

Kinship Circle - 2007-01-23 - 05 - Section 4, Serbia


President Boris Tadic
The President’s Office, Palata federacije
Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 2
11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia and Montenegro
ph: 00 381 11 323 1033; fax: 00 381 11 363 2095
email: mrakic [at] predsednik.yu

Prime Minister V. Kostunica
Mr. Vojislav Kostunica, Prime Minister of Serbia
Belgrade, 11 Nemanjina St. (Serbia)
ph: 00 381 11 3614621; fax: 00 381 11 3061100
email: lgvozden [at]

Ivan Vujaèiæ, Ambassador
U.S. Embassy of the Republic of Serbia
2134 Kalorama Rd, NW; Washington DC 20008
ph: 202-332-0333 fax: 202-332-3933, Consular fax: 202-332-5974
email: ambassador [at]
website: http://www.SERBIAEMBUSA.ORG


President Tadic & Associate Officials:

I write with utter disgust at your brutal and primitive treatment of animals. Photographic evidence and testimony from your own countrymen have been brought to my attention regarding the mass slaughter of domestic animals on your streets. Even more vile, is the bounty paid for the dead, by your contemptible government officials, to hunters and civilians.

I am appalled by the barbaric practices sanctioned by Dr. Dejan Krnjaic, Director of Veterinary Services and his staff and demand his immediate replacement. Belgrade, the City of Nis and the nation of Serbia must reverse it’s inhumane and disgraceful behavior.

Serbia is trying desperately to gain access to the European Union. I caution you all; if you think I will stand by during this process and do nothing, you are mistaken and underestimating measures that I will take to undermine this Serbian goal.

I, my family members, business associates and friends, will endeavor in every possible way to exert pressure on EU Commissioners to ensure that your inclusion into the European Union is rejected at every level; unless you stop the sadistic killing of animals in your streets and amend your barbaric animal welfare policies.

Serbia is an up and coming tourist destination; one I will not visit, until action has been taken. I will caution everyone I know to avoid your country like a modern plague; until such a time when compassion and civilized decency rules your animal initiatives and your nation.

Photographs do not lie. Enter the website,, and see what the rest of the world is seeing.

Kinship Circle - 2007-01-23 - 06 - Section 4, Serbia


12/20/06: Slaughter On The Streets Of Serbia


5. EU: Support Written Declaration, EU Ban On Bullfighting

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Maria Lopes, marialopes [at]


1/19/07, from IMAB [at] — Four MEPs presented on the 15th of January a Written Declaration for an EU wide ban on bullfighting as well as a ban on subsidies to bull breeders. The elapse time will be the 15 of April of 2007. Till today the written declaration was already signed by 22 MEPs but we need a majority to succeed.


We launched a campaign of support to this initiative.

On our website:

You’ll find addresses of MEPs by countries, alphabetical order as well as a sample letter and the full text of the Written Declaration.

Please participate this is a great initiative and it’s the first written declaration on a ban on bullfighting. For the Animals, Maria Lopes, Coordinator



COLUMN: Tourist Beware: Bullfights & Blood Fiestas


6. Family Dog Shot By Police Denied Aid; Dies Slowly

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Kerri Milam, kerrimilam [at]


1/19/07, forwarded from Kimi91 [at] — Fatally Injured Dog Denied Veterinary Care, Dies Slowly After Being Gunned Down by City Police; Demand Staff Training and New Policies at Fort Worth Animal Shelter — On November 14, a Fort Worth city police officer who claimed “a stray dog charged at him repeatedly” reportedly shot “several rounds from his handgun striking the animal.” The dog, later identified as a family’s companion named Bud, was reportedly shot in the head and chest. According to TV news reports and city officials, the dying dog was left alone at the city’s animal shelter without care for several hours, during which time he surely suffered horribly. Bud died slowly, most likely from blood loss, organ damage, and/or shock.

Graphic news footage shows that Bud was bloodied and unable to walk properly. In the footage, animal control officer Barry Alexander can be seen needlessly restraining Bud on a control pole and prodding him to move forward while he is obviously in pain. The footage then shows that Alexander lifted Bud by the skin on his back and the noose around his neck and put him in a compartment on an animal control truck. Animal control supervisors and health department officials claim that the officer did not know how injured this obviously dying dog was upon leaving him alone in a cage at the animal control center. Officials responded to PETA’s three-page letter offering assistance to prevent another tragedy from happening with this vague, less than helpful three-sentence response.

Failing to provide veterinary medical care to animals “as needed to prevent suffering” is a violation of Fort Worth’s city codes as well as Texas state law. Please contact city officials and demand that immediate action be taken to provide all animal control officers with professional training in injury and disease recognition and that policies be instituted requiring veterinary care or euthanasia for injured animals in the city’s custody.


The Honorable Michael J. Moncrief
Mayor of Fort Worth
1000 Throckmorton St.; Fort Worth, TX 76102
ph: 817-392-6118; fax: 817-392-2409
email: mike.moncrief [at]

Daniel B. Reimer, MPH, Director of Public Health
1800 University Dr., Rm. 232; Fort Worth, TX 76107
ph: 817-871-7201; fax: 817-871-7335
email: daniel.reimer [at]


7. Who’s Supporting Iditarod Dog Torture In 2007?


Sled Dog Action Coalition,


Please speak for the dogs by sending Iditarod supporters protest emails. The 2007 Iditarod sponsors, musher sponsors, race promoters and business members are listed below. Email addresses with semi-colons and commas in group form can be found on at bottom of page.


For easy sending, copy/paste as a bunch into your “Blind Copy” box.

jeff.immelt [at], dan.janki [at], Jacques.espinasse [at], maurie_perl [at], John_Bellando [at], kklose [at], investor_relations [at], editor [at], tom.horton [at], Christopher.Gay [at], rod.ross [at], ken.hanna [at], [at], alan.w.bieler [at], ir [at], DanielJ.Sescleifer [at], conso [at], info [at], [at], [at], gpruitt [at], ircontact [at], jlowber [at]

roger_millay [at], james.moses [at], tmattia [at], corpcsf [at], newsroom [at], Shareholders.IM [at], Mayor [at], mayor [at], yum.investor [at], karen.raskopf [at], tom.tiller [at], mhrmarketing [at], ir.dcx [at], manager [at], programming [at], stevecurwood [at], dkravis [at], jvenh [at], gpn [at], teachersource [at], investor.relations [at], kroger.investors [at], gdonnelly [at], gtedesco [at]

info [at], vanmarterch [at], toronto [at], investor.relations [at], fhees [at], orders [at], media [at], news [at], skruse [at], abuckelew [at], eileen_masio [at], communications [at], pubaffmr [at], enterprise.comments [at], info [at], employment [at], ssolomon [at], public.relations [at], investor_relations [at], info [at], Investor.Relations [at], tony [at], press [at], ir-newyork [at]

tjacobs [at], hr1 [at], contact.privacy [at], customersupport [at], cparrott [at], ann.simanis [at], Chancellor [at], info [at], info [at], info [at], contact [at], info [at],
innkeeper [at], rivercabins [at], HolyDogRanch [at], information [at], fishing [at], qiviut [at], sales [at], traxak [at], gkatsion [at], pat [at], pilot01 [at]

spikealaska [at], info [at], info [at], adventure [at], chan [at], tma [at], allouiz [at], info [at], ryoung [at], sales [at], jbilitz [at], rodney.bolls [at], trambars [at], info [at], trophyglove [at], brewpub [at], gsipe [at], info [at], info [at], mkrajews [at], sales [at], tchozes [at], bellevillenews [at], admin [at], hid [at], info [at], sales [at]

innkeeper [at], hughesseafood [at], ruby [at], info [at], Macgellan [at], wiggys [at], info [at], info [at], terry [at], reservations [at], info [at], info [at], sales [at], post [at], info [at], post [at], post [at], anni [at], info [at], info [at], spikealaska [at], alaskansplendor [at], fish [at], mlitzen [at], info [at], info [at], wildart [at], info [at], t-wolf [at], info [at], POlson [at], mcarr [at], lechleiter_john_c [at], bsgro [at], jschrank [at], mmow [at], greg.creed [at]



Dear Iditarod Supporter:

I protest your organization’s support of the Iditarod dog sled race. For the dogs, this barbaric event is a bottomless pit of suffering. What happens to them during the Iditarod includes death, paralysis, penile frostbite, bleeding ulcers, bloody diarrhea, lung damage, ruptured discs, viral diseases and pneumonia. Please end your involvement in this cruel race.

In the Iditarod, dogs are forced to run 1,150 miles, which is the approximate distance between Miami, Florida and New York City. USA Today sports columnist Jon Saraceno called the Iditarod “a travesty of grueling proportions” and “Ihurtadog.” Fox sportscaster Jim Rome called it “I-killed-a-dog.” Orlando Sentinel sports columnist George Diaz said the race is “a barbaric ritual” and “an illegal sweatshop for dogs.”

Please visit the Sled Dog Action Coalition website and be sure to read the quotes on . All the material on the site is true and verifiable.

Throughout this eight to 16-day competition, Iditarod personnel encourage mushers to race diseased dogs. Instead of pulling sick dogs from the race, veterinarians frequently give them massive doses of antibiotics to keep them running.

Veterinarians also work to help the mushers before the Iditarod begins. Although the dogs are often sick, veterinarians allow them to start the race anyway. One chief Iditarod veterinarian even published a musher/veterinary handbook advising mushers on how to avoid having prohibited substances detected in pre-race veterinary checks.

At least 130 dogs have died in the Iditarod. No one knows how many dogs die after this tortuous ordeal or during training.

On average, 52 percent of the dogs who start the race do not make it across the finish line. According to a report published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, of those who do cross, 81 percent have lung damage. A report published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine said that 61 percent of the dogs who finish the Iditarod have ulcers versus zero percent pre-race.

Tom Classen, retired Air Force colonel and Alaskan resident for over 40 years, tells us that the dogs are beaten into submission:

“They’ve had the hell beaten out of them.” “You don’t just whisper into their ears, ‘OK, stand there until I tell you to run like the devil.’ They understand one thing: a beating. These dogs are beaten into submission the same way elephants are trained for a circus. The mushers will deny it. And you know what? They are all lying.” -USA Today, March 3, 2000 in Jon Saraceno’s column.

Mushers believe in “culling” or killing unwanted dogs, including puppies. Many dogs who are permanently disabled in the Iditarod, or who are unwanted for any reason, including those who have outlived their usefulness, are killed with a shot to the head, dragged or clubbed to death. “Dogs are clubbed with baseball bats and if they don’t pull are dragged to death in harnesses…..” wrote Alaskan Mike Cranford in an article for Alaska’s Bush Blade Newspaper (March, 2000).

Jon Saraceno wrote in his March 3, 2000 column in USA Today, “He [Colonel Tom Classen] confirmed dog beatings and far worse. Like starving dogs to maintain their most advantageous racing weight. Skinning them to make mittens. Or dragging them to their death.”

Please end your organization’s association with this horrific race.



8. Spanish Galgo Appeal: Send Email To Save These Dogs

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: South Devon Greyhound Action, southdevonga [at]

Avon & Somerset Greyhound Action, avonsomersetga [at]


1/13/07, from southdevonga [at] — SDGA have received this urgent email appeal from our sister branch – Avon and Somerset Greyhound Action. Please would all our supporters send an email asap to save the lives of these beautiful dogs. Many thanks SDGA

1/12/07, Avon & Somerset Greyhound Action, avonsomersetga [at] — The Kimba animal shelter, a wonderful shelter that rescues greyhounds (galgos) in Spain wants to rescue 10 greyhounds in extremely deplorable conditions and are tied to stakes. The local government of the county (Andalucia) will decide the fate of these poor animals this week. Each of your emails will make a difference. The Kimba shelter informed us with encouraging news that some of the local government people have called them with questions, so please send your letters. They will make a difference!


delegacion.cadiz.cgob [at], consejeria.cgob [at], manuel.chaves [at]



Estimado Sr.D. José Antonio Gómez Periñán,
Excma. Sra. Dª. Evangelina Naranjo Márquez Consejera y
Presidente Manuel Chavez,

Reciban nuestra protesta por la situación en que malviven los galgos de las estacas en el pueblo de Chiclana de la frontera y pedimos que todos los galgos se envíen al refugio Kimba para que ellos busquen familias donde puedan vivir dignamente.

Atentamente y muchas gracias …


Dear Sirs:

We write to express our outrage and to protest the situation in which several galgos are confined in unsuitable living conditions and chained to stakes in the town of Chiclana de la Frontera, and we ask that all of the glagos be sent without further delay to the Refugio Kimba so that they may find families for them who will provide them with a life of dignity to which they are entitled.

Respectfully yours,


9. Wish SHAC 7’s Josh And Jake Happy Birthdays

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Updates on the SHAC 7, updates [at]


1/19/07, from updates [at] — SHAC 7 Prisoners Jake Conroy and Josh Harper’s birthday are both coming up on Jan. 31 and Feb. 3!

Jake and Josh are going to be spending their first birthdays behind bars, so please send them a little something in the mail!

Josh’s birthday is coming up on January 31 — he’d love to receive cards, letters, and photos!

Jake’s birthday is Saturday, February 3. He’s asked for friends, family, and supporters to send him pictures (especially photobooth pictures!), myspace printouts, and anything else he might find entertaining or funny. If you don’t know where a photobooth is near you, find out at

Spending holidays and birthdays behind bars is difficult, but cards, pictures, notes, and other birthday greetings make those days special! We will be posting other prisoner’s birthdays as those dates approach. And don’t forget to write all the SHAC 7 and other prisoners. They need our support year ’round!


JOSHUA HARPER # 29429-086
P.O. BOX 5000

Jacob Conroy
FCI Victorville Medium I
PO Box 5300
Adelanto, CA 92301


10. Argentina: Horse Drops Dead On Street In Entre Rios

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Cornwall’s Voice For Animals, [at]


1/11/07, from Coqui Montiel, The Canadian Voice for Animals, Argentina — A very sad piece of news. As you may know, in Argentina it is summer time and the heat is intense. In my city Parana province of Entre Rios, Argentina there is a decree signed by the mayor in 1992 (who happens to be the same mayor we have now) which bans horses in the street, but like everything in Argentina this is not enforced.

A poor horse fell dead in the middle of a very busy street downtown (she died of heat exhaustion). Local animal activists are tired of not being heard. Vets are supposed to check those animals, but they do nothing but sit around reading the newspaper and drinking coffee instead of working. We, ask you to demand better conditions for the horses and that the town hall provides medicines, food and better sanitary conditions. We also state that it is not true that the municipal vets usually check the horses because this is not the first time this has happened. The addresses are for the mayor, council men and media. Thank you so much on behalf of the animals.


turismoer [at], presidente [at], jcalbornoz [at], hagracia [at], jazamora [at], rsmorales [at], bbelbey [at], restreitenberger [at], restreitenberger [at], paceballos [at], ranunez [at], dlpando [at], samenendez [at], malmada [at], ccuscueta [at], aabachetti [at], jmaier [at], opinionciudadana [at],
info [at], locales [at], comercial [at], lt14 [at], redaccion [at], fmcapital [at], infoweb [at], canal9 [at], contacto [at]

CC: canadian_voice_argentina [at]


Sr. Presidente Municipal de Paraná
Dn. Julio Solanas

Ha llegado a nosotros la penosa información de la muerte de un caballo en pleno centro de la ciudad de Paraná debido a las malas condiciones de salud del animal y el agobiante calor.

Le recordamos que existe en Paraná un decreto Nº 1212/92 vigente desde hace 14 años (y refrendado por Ud. mismo en una gestión anterior) en el cual en su Capítulo V – Artículo 10 expresa CLARAMENTE la prohibición de la tracción a sangre en prácticamente todo el égido de Paraná.

Es una vergüenza que aún sigan circulando esos abnegados animales por las calles sin ni siquiera un grupo veterinarios municipales competentes que les brinde las atenciones básicas (léase) medicamentos, alimentos y control sanitario periódico.


La imagen publicada en El Diario de Paraná, junto al comentario del periodista es más que elocuente y refleja el poco interés en los animales que ha mostrado la actual gestión.

Por lo expuesto y a menos que está situación se revierta en forma inmediata nos ABSTENDREMOS DE VISITAR SU CIUDAD Y HAREMOS RECORRER ESTA IMAGEN EN TODO EL MUNDO.

Name and Last Name (organization if you have one)


Dear Mayor Julio Solanas,

We have received the shameful news of the death of a horse downtown in Parana due to the poor health conditions of the animals and the stifling weather.

We remind you that in Parana we have the decree # 1212/92 signed by you fourteen (14) years ago in which in its chapter V, Article 10 it is clearly stated that horses are absolutely banned within the city limits.

It is a shame that nowadays those poor horses are still in use without proper public veterinarian assistance (medicines, food and sanitary control). (the horses are used by people to pull carts)


The photo appeared in the local newspaper, as well as the caption shows the lack of interested shown by your administration.

For the above expressed and unless this situation is immediately solved we will not visit Parana and we will tell everybody we know about it.


11. Atlanta Puppy-Baking Trial Date Set For 1/29/07

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: gadove2003 [at]


WHAT: Superior Court Trial – Justin and Joshua Moulder, Felony Animal Cruelty + 10 other charges including burglary, terrorist threats, vandalism

WHEN: Beginning Mon. Jan. 29, 2007 at 9:30 AM ET. Jury Selection begins. Actual trial begins with the opening statements. TBA at a later date.

WHERE: Fulton County Justice Tower
Room 4-E, Judge Thelma Wyatt Moore
136 Pryor Street SW; Atlanta, GA 30303; 404-730-4981
(Take 85 South, to Exit 248 A, MLK and State Capitol, keep left.
Turn left on Pryor Street SW. Parking is approx $12.00 for entire day.)

RSVP FOR TRIAL: Amanda Prentice, 404-285-5707 or gadove2003 [at]

New trial set in puppy torture case; Atlanta brothers charged with killing animal in oven

1/12/07 — Two brothers accused of torturing and killing a small puppy by stuffing it into a gas oven will be retried beginning Jan. 29.

The first trial of Justin and Joshua Moulder ended last month in a hung jury because one juror refused to convict the two young men, 19 and 17 respectively.

They face up to 85 years in prison if convicted on the series of charges stemming from the incident last August at the Englewood Manor apartments in northwest Atlanta.

Police say the two young men broke into the apartment complex community center, trashed the place and stuffed the live, three-month-old puppy into a gas oven.

The grisly nature of the death endured by the puppy brought intense public interest to the case, including animal activists who flocked to the Fulton County courthouse to follow the case. The first case took about two weeks, including time to seat a jury.


PETITION – Seeking Felony Indictment for Puppy’s Torturous Death

BLOG – Puppy Tortured, Baked To Death In Georgia
This blog will provide you with all the updates on this case as they occur.

Paul Howard Jr., DA, Fulton County District Attorney
Fulton County District Attorneys Office
136 Pryor Street, SW, Third Floor; Atlanta, GA 30303
ph: 404-730-4981; fax: 404-730-4785
email: Paul.Howard [at], stopcruelty [at]
Thank Fulton DA Paul Howard for his conviction that felony animal cruelty is a very serious crime.

The Honorable Sonny Perdue, Governor, State of Georgia
203 State Capitol; Atlanta, Georgia 30334
ph: 404-656-1776; fax: 404-657-7332
web email:

The Hon. Rep. Glenn Richardson
Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives
PO Box 1750; Hiram, Georgia 30141
email: glenn.richardson [at]

The Hon. Rep. Bob Holmes
PO Box 110009; Atlanta, Georgia 30311-3203
email: carglor9 [at]


9/10/06 – Justice For Puppy Baked Alive In Oven


12. Romania: Urge Press To Cover Crimes Against Animals

REPLY TO DIRECTLY TO: Cornwall’s Voice For Animals, [at]


Please read the story and see photos:



Urge the following news media to cover these horrific crimes on animals.

redactia [at], ziua [at], redactia [at], dan.constantin [at], marina.constantinoiu [at], valentin.zaschievici [at], victor.ciutacu [at], marius.tuca [at], cristina.botezatu [at], webmaster [at], ctp [at], office [at], adrian.halpert [at], ruxandra.negrea [at], valentin.bolocan [at]


13. Animal Activist’s Home Raided




1/12/07, from adlla [at] — Animal Rescuer and Rights Activist’s Home Raided, Computer and Camera Taken, SPCA-LA Takes Retribution For Activist Critical of LA Animal Services / LOS ANGELES — The home of Zsuzsa Blakely, long-time rescuer and animal rights activist, was raided paramilitary style on January 10 by fifteen SPCA-LA thugs with guns drawn who threw her to the floor, slammed her head into a bookcase, handcuffed her, threatened to use a Taser on her, locked her inside an SPCA-LA vehicle for two hours, seized animals who were slated for execution at the department of Los Angeles Animal Services at the zero hour, and confiscated her computer and camera.

The search warrant listed an alleged complaint made by a neighbor to SPCA-LA. SPCA-LA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles) is a local and private organization headed by Madeline Bernstein who runs the high kill ‘shelter’ in Long Beach.) But even an alleged complaint by a neighbor should not incur a raid with drawn guns and physical violence. Why confiscate the computer and camera utilized to post Internet pleas to rescue groups nationwide in a heartfelt last-ditch attempt to save animals whom the department of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) makes little to no effort to adopt? Our hypothesis is that such pleas are injurious to the image of its narcissistic, murderous General Manager and the many apathetic, lazy and smug employees who work under him at the department of LAAS.

What seems salient is that Zsuzsa is an OUTSPOKEN and VERY VOCAL CRITIC of the Department of LAAS. She tirelessly devotes many hours taking photographs of animals slated to be killed and subsequently emailing pleas across the nation for their rescue. (The plea for Edgar – one of the many dogs who were killed last week – was dispatched by Ms. Blakely.) An organization in Minnesota called in response, placed a hold on Edgar by phone at the shelter, and sent a representative in LA to bail him out that day. When the representative arrived thirty minutes later, Edgar had already been killed. Ms. Blakely exposed this among many others, to thousands over the internet and sending pictures of Edgar across the Nation…

A spokesperson for Animal Defense League Los Angeles (ADL-LA) – who also has been highly critical of the massive, unabated slaughter transpiring at LAAS – commented: “It is obvious that taking her computer and camera were designed to obstruct her ability to continue highlighting the unnecessary and prolific killing going on in the LAAS Death Camps. For this reason, it is suspected by the humane and animal rights communities that Ed Boks – General Manager (GM) of the department of LAAS – is the incontrovertible author of this unconscionable raid.”

Ms. Blakely’s dogs remain incarcerated at the high-kill SPCA facility in Hawthorne. Their fate is currently unknown to any but the head of SPCA-LA Madeline Bernstein… We will give you updates on this situation as it unfolds.


14. A Stockyard Filled With Sad Brown Eyes

REPLY TO DIRECTLY TO: Cyndi Smith, cyndiob [at]

My Vacation – What Sadness

Kinship Circle - 2007-01-23 - 07 - Section 14, A Stockyard Filled With Sad Brown Eyes

I went on vacation and what did I see
A stockyard filled with sad brown eyes
Looking straight at me

I saw baby calves
With their umbilical cords
Struggling to walk in the mud filled with urine
Laying near rotten onions
Their mother’s bodies caked in mud

Big beautiful houses with a wall
Sit across the street from it all
Suffering animals across the street
Suffering animals that people will eat

Their windows face the stockyard
Every day and every night
Why isn’t something done
Do they think this is right?

I went on vacation and more did I see
Cows coated with mud
Made from urine and feces
It hadn’t rained for five days or more,
I knew that the mud was not from rain
The thought of this brings so much pain
I lie awake through the lonely night
Thinking to myself
Why do people think this is right?

I went on vacation
To a place that is thought to be beautiful
To a place that is thought to be fun
But that beauty was turned to horror
As I watched the stockyard filled with mud and bird droppings,
I saw homeless begging for money on the streets
This place that is thought to be beautiful
This place that is thought to be fun
The place that is thought to be glamorous
Las Vegas – growing, growng, way to fast
The sadness showing more and more
The homeless showing more and more
And the stockyard showing more and more

This city of beauty? No a city of greed, of uncaring eyes, of uncaring hearts
Never again will this place be seen by my eyes
Because my eyes have seen the ugliness
It can’t be hidden away – and I hope that soon
Some others will see, and I can only hope some changes will be………….

Be Kind To Animals, it’s their world too! Cynthia Smith

Kinship Circle - 2007-01-23 - 08 - Section 14, A Stockyard Filled With Sad Brown Eyes




Straydogs in Turkey

Justice for SnowBall

No to Animal Experimentation in Israel Cosmetic Industry

Maximum Sentencing for Martin Gray Spivey, alleged dog killer

Mistreated Animals in South East Asia

Philippines: Save Man’s Best Friend from the Dog Meat Trade – Say YES to House Bill 2991

Changing The Animal Euthanization Laws In Georgia

Japan’s Cats & Dogs Need Our Help

Join The World and Outlaw Declawing of Animals

Stop Official Cruelty Against Animals In The Anti-Rabies Centers [Mexico]!

Stop Live Dog Burning Tests In China


Kinship Circle - Get Cool Clothes 02

Kinship Circle - Get Cool Clothes 01


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KINSHIP CIRCLE – Action Campaigns I Literature I Voice For Animals
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