The Wilderness Society: Save America’s Rainforest from the Timber Industry

February 6th, 2007 9:16 pm by mad mags

UPDATE, 2/26/07:

Earthjustice just sent out an alert on this issue as well; you can take action here.

Protect America’s Rainforest

The Tongass National Forest in Alaska, America’s largest national forest, is a temperate rainforest, and provides rare old-growth habitat for bald eagles, grizzly bears, salmon, and other wildlife. This awe-inspiring landscape is considered to be the crown jewel of America’s national forest system.

For over 50 years, timber companies have had access to the biggest and best trees in the Tongass, leaving American taxpayers to foot the bill for the unprofitable sales. But as a result of a successful lawsuit brought by Earthjustice in Alaska, the Forest Service is currently revising the forest plan for the Tongass, a move that will have huge implications for the future of this irreplaceable treasure.

Your comments are needed to ensure that the Forest Service moves away from the unsustainable logging practices of the past. Please take action to support protecting the many roadless areas of this magnificent coastal rainforest for generations to come.


Via The Wilderness Society:

Save America’s Rainforest from the Timber Industry

One of our greatest natural treasures – Alaska’s Tongass National Forest – is targeted for massive clear-cutting. The Forest Service has proposed a plan that caters to the timber industry and would sacrifice much of this treasured forest’s critical wildlife habitat.

But before their plan is finalized, they must accept public comment. You can help us protect this magical place with its towering, ancient trees. Take action today. Don’t miss this window of opportunity! Demand permanent protection now!

More info here.



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