There’s more to February 14th than Valentine’s Day…

February 14th, 2007 5:02 pm by Kelly Garbato

Don’t forget – in addition to the much-dreaded Valentine’s Day, today also marks the 19th annual National Pet Theft Awareness Day

LCA - National Pet Theft Awareness Day, 2001 (Poster)

…as well as the last day of Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week, sponsored by Dogs Deserve Better.


Keep reading for heartwarming tales of interspecies bonding from the Fund for Animals…

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Date: Feb 14, 2007 1:25 PM
Subject: Animals Find Love in Unexpected Places

February 14, 2007

In honor of Saint Valentine, I thought I’d share three inspiring tales of nontraditional valentines, which underscore the relationships between human caregivers, companion animals, and wildlife.


This three-day-old calf was suffering after his mother passed away, and it looked likely that he, too, would succumb. Instead a kind-hearted man and his wife took the baby calf into their home, bottle-fed him, and nurtured him as he grew into a handsome steer. The devastating consequences of Hurricane Rita caused them to part, but at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas, he now has a new family to love and a home for all the days of his life.


A surprise encounter between a skunk and a bicyclist was life threatening, as the skunk’s tail became entwined in the spokes. The skunk’s evident pain and distress was enough for the valiant bicyclist to trek a mile and a half back to the parking lot, carrying both his bike and the attached skunk. Then, doused in skunk perfume, the skunk’s hero searched for someone to help, eventually finding The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Southern California. The skunk was successfully rehabilitated and released back into the wild.


Miss Pinky, an older, well traveled, and physically larger rabbit, was put in the same enclosure as a rabbit named Hopnot by optimistic staff at the Rabbit Sanctuary in South Carolina. They were hoping the two bunnies would develop some affection for each other. Hopnot, a mini Rex with a velvety white coat, was without a companion, as all the other bunnies had paired up. To the delightful surprise of staff, this mismatched pair was immediately smitten; they are often found cuddling with each other.

The strong bonds that animals develop between themselves and others involve both nature and nurture. This Valentine’s Day be sure to give some extra attention to the animals in your life.

Thank you for caring about animals,

Michael Markarian
The Fund for Animals

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