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February 15th, 2007 3:01 pm by mad mags

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Subject: KC DIGEST: AETA Now, Puppy Bakers Get Break, Faux Fur From Cats, Dogs + MORE


2/14/07: Kinship Circle DIGEST / ALERTS FROM MEMBERS
AETA Now, Puppy Bakers Get Break, Faux Fur From Cats, Dogs + MORE

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1. Re-sentencing For Boys Who Baked Puppy Alive?
2. Faux Fur Found To Come From Dogs, Cats
3. Shadow’s Legacy: Companions Are Not “Property”
4. What Can We Do About AETA Now?
5. Ask To Stop Selling Animal Fighting Materials
6. Take Action For Carriage Horses
7. Cruel Treatment Of Sled Dogs In Greenland
8. Slovenia To Kill 106 Brown Bears In 2007
9. Pennsylvania Puppy Mills
10. Sea Shepherd Engages Japanese Whalers
11. Animal Lovers Win Extra Life For 400 Chinese Cats

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1. Re-sentencing For Boys Who Baked Puppy Alive?

REPLY TO DIRECTLY TO: agianotto [at]

Original message: k_stone [at]


2/14/07, from agianotto [at] — FYI, when we called the courthouse this morning, we were able to confirm that there is a pending hearing on the Moulder brothers, but the date has not been set yet. The women we spoke to said there will be a statement released, but she cannot give any further information out at this time

Sincerely, Alison L. Gianotto, President/CEO
agianotto [at]
1-888-523-PETS ext. 100

2/14/07, from k_stone [at] — This is a call to action for those who are not aware, last Friday, Judge Thelma Moore sentenced Justin and Joshua Moulder (who tortured a puppy to death by hog-tying her with duct tape, pouring paint on her, and then baking her alive in an oven) on 9 criminal counts to which they pled guilty. The counts were: 1 count each of burglary, criminal damage to property (they broke into the community center and damaged all the property), aggravated animal cruelty; 3 counts of child cruelty (they brought young children in to witness the puppy baking) and 3 counts of terroristic threats (they threatened the children if they told anyone). The sentencing was the maximum on all counts to serve concurrent with the ultimate sentence being 20yrs, to serve 10 years in prison and 10 yrs probation.

I received the following email this morning which details what happened immediately after court. This is very disheartening and shakes our faith in the judiciary and the entire justice system as a whole. Please call/send letters to the Judge, forward this to all the people you know in the world, and contact the media… Melinda Merck, DVM


2/14/07 — I am not willing to say how I found all this out, but if you want confirmation the numbers are listed below. It is time to call Judge Moore’s office and express outrage, unless you want these boys back on the streets with your kids. And don’t forget they are not only animal abusers, the they are extremely violent child molesters and arsonists! This was all found out when Juvenile records were unsealed.

1 – immediately after sentenced was imposed on Friday, Judge Thelma Moore contacted the defense and said there will be a re-sentencing on Monday plantnet app kostenlosen. On Monday, the defense attorneys, defendants, and Prosecution were in court, the judge stated she was concerned about length of incarceration (which she imposed) and defendants ability to get mental health care while incarcerated. She instructed the defense to research options of other facilities, and bring findings back to her.

2 – She has been on the bench approx. 20 yrs, and WAS aware when imposing her sentence that there is not a state run prison hospital in GA, (Millageville is closed) and also from the defense’s own witness, that there was not mental health help available in prison for inmates, medication management was the standard procedure for prisoners.

3 – This tends to appear the sentence imposed simply to placate the PACKED Courtroom and media present.

4 -The Judge received NO new info. after sentencing to cause her to immediately call for a re-sentencing hearing. Ironically she did receive new info between the hung jury trial and the sentencing. Juvenile records were unsealed and not only are the boys animal abusers, they are extremely violent repeat offenders and Justin is a convicted sex offender.


I know re-sentencing is open to the public but I have no idea when it is. Maybe Judge Moore’s office can tell you.

Judge Moore’s office number: 404 730 4305

Letters to:

The Honorable Judge Thelma Wyatt Cumming Moore
T4905 Justice Center Tower, 185 Central Avenue, SW
Atlanta, GA 30303
FAX: 404-730-0162 or 404 893-6608

Fulton Co DA’s office number: 404-730-4981


9/10/06 – Justice For Puppy Baked Alive In Oven


2. Faux Fur Found To Come From Dogs, Cats

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Forwarded from Kerri Milam, kerrimilam [at]

VIDEO: click here


2/8/07, By Brad Woodard, 11 News

As Many people refuse to buy products made from animal pelts, opting instead for “faux fur,” thinking they are sparing the animals. But in some cases, the substitute is unfathomable.

Dogs and cats are being used to make coats that are bought and sold right here in Texas. At Chico’s on West Gray, you’ll find lots of different fashions. What you won’t find, is fur. But in some stores in Houston, that is not the case.

Here in the U.S., dogs are seen as a source of companionship, not clothing. But in China, which provides more than half of all fur products sold in the U.S., dogs and cats serve another purpose, as a recent disturbing video shot by the Humane Society of the United States gruesomely reveals.

“We went to warehouses with stacks and stacks of pelts from golden retrievers and other dogs. Millions of dogs and cats killed for their fur, with that fur finding its way into fur trim sold in Western markets,” Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society said.

Although dog and cat fur were banned seven years ago, the HSUS recently purchased either online or in person 25 coats with fur trim from 17 retailers – two of them based in Texas, Neiman Marcus and JC Penney – and some of the testing came back domesticated dog. German shepard, collie and the like, and consumers were unwittingly and unknowingly buying domesticated dog fur, even though it’s forbidden in this country.

In many cases, the fur had come from raccoon dogs, which resemble raccoons but are K-9s. Some of the consumers in question were under the impression they were buying faux fur herunterladen.

Currently, if the value of the fur is under $150, the law doesn’t require retailers to label the species or country of origin. Neiman Marcus and JC Penney did not return 11 News’ calls on the matter. Meanwhile, the HSUS says unless legislation pending in Congress is passed, consumers will continue buying blind.


REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Terri Macellaro, kittybuster [at]

2/9/07, from kittybuster [at] — We have a window of opportunity to help the animals via a lawsuit to stop the practice of selling animal fur disguised as “faux” fur. As you probably know, it has been learned that most “faux” fur trim on coats are not really “faux” at all, but rather are dog fur from China.

If you know anyone who has bought a garment with fake fur, please have them contact us if they are interested in being a plaintiff in a lawsuit to stop this practice. They will need to remember where they bought the garment and approximately when they bought it. They do not need to ascertain whether it is “faux” or not, that will be done for them. Time is of the essence!

CONTACT: Terri Macellaro
310-399-8585, kittybuster [at]



COLUMN: Fur – America’s New Pacifier?

COLUMN: The Real Cost Of Fur


3. Shadow’s Legacy: Companions Are Not “Property”

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Madeline Davis, Vegmad [at]

Kinship Circle - 2007-02-14 - 01 - Section 3 - Shadow's Law


FROM KINSHIP CIRCLE, info [at] — In 2003 Shadow, the Scheele’s cherished dog, wandered into Lewis Dustin’s yard. Dustin fired his pellet gun, piercing Shadow’s heart. In Shadow’s memory, the Scheele’s continue to battle a justice system that defines companion animals as “owned things” rather than the beloved individuals they are.

They lost their criminal case (State of Vermont vs Lewis Dustin), but are pursuing the case in civil court with the long-term goal of establishing “The SHADOW Law” to recognize “pets” as companion guardians.


11/16/03: Don’t Let Dog Shooter Walk Free

11/3/03: Justice For Dog Shot Through The Heart

NEWS VIDEO: click here

SEND SUPPORTIVE COMMENTS TO THE SCHEELES: here — It is our mission to honor our beloved SHADOW through our efforts with our attorney in Vermont, Heidi Groff, and the guidance of the Animal Legal Defense Fund to create “The SHADOW Law.” The SHADOW Law would create legislation acknowledging pets as companion guardians, not mere property. Because SHADOW was killed in Vermont, we are taking legal action in that state first, and then working toward the same goal in the state of Maryland and every state thereafter… We hope that SHADOW’s death will not be in vain and his wonderful spirit will live on forever by helping prevent another innocent creature from a violent death…

Kinship Circle - 2007-02-14 - 02 - Section 3 - Shadow's Law

The Scheeles with Shadow, left, and Lucy, right

SHADOW SCHEELE, July 19, 2003

EDITED FOR LENGTH / Read Shadow’s full story here:

How excited he was when we pulled up in the driveway of the Autumn Crest Bed and Breakfast in Vermont…where we always stayed on our trips because it is a farm in the country with rescue horses. SHADOW was ready for a long weekend of playing in the fields, visiting Grandma, going out to dinner with friends, and going to the anniversary party in Northfield, VT.

…We arrived at the church early and decided we should park in the shade, out of the way where it would be peaceful. SHADOW and Lucy were so excited — they could hardly eat their lunch — they were much too busy exploring. At 12:45, we announced that it was time for us to go into church and that we would be gone for just a short while. SHADOW and Lucy go with us to church every Sunday, so they knew this would be the perfect opportunity for them to take a nap to restore their energy for the rest of the day kostenlose hintergrundbilderen. They both headed back toward the truck as soon as we called them and we decided maybe just one more water break before they hopped into the truck…I was giving SHADOW his water and petting him and kissing him…He seemed to say, ‘let’s play
hide and seek’…He was less than 5 feet from me as I watched him peek around the tree at the people coming…

Suddenly, SHADOW let out a horrific yelp. I screamed, “SHADOW, what’s the matter Sweetie?” He kept yelping and ran and jumped into Denis’ arms…with a piercing yelp. His breathing was so labored and his little lips were quivering. Denis picked him up and laid him down in the front seat of the truck. I started screaming because I knew something was horribly wrong with my baby boy. My mind then registered the “pop” noise that I had heard and I yelled to my husband, “Denis, I think SHADOW has been shot!” Denis ran to the house and screamed, “Is anyone there? Is anyone there?” A man appeared on his porch and Denis called out to him, “Did you shoot my dog?” The man Replied, “Yes I shot your dog. I have a problem with dogs around here.”

I was hysterical and we tried to find the wound in our beloved SHADOW’s thick fur. The man and his wife came out after several minutes and he said, “I aimed at his butt. I’m sorry if I hurt him.”

…In a split second, our lives changed forever. My husband and I have lost our son, SHADOW. Our daughter Lucy has lost her best friend, SHADOW. Our family and friends have lost a treasured companion. Our hearts are broken. Despite the thousands of beautiful memories and hundreds of wonderful photos of our precious SHADOW, we are haunted by those final moments of his sweet life. The horrific yelp, the gasping for air, the sound of the pellet gun, the rush to the hospital, his little eyes fading right before us, his little spotted tongue hanging out…his lifeless body in my arms.


4. What Can We Do About AETA Now?

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Peter Muller, Chair, Equal Justice Alliance
petermuller [at]

Remember the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act? It passed, much to our dismay. But the Equal Justice Alliance (EJA), of which Kinship Circle is a participant, works via weekly conference calls and ongoing action to “un-do” AETA’s potentially devastating effects on free speech and activism. Bookmark EJA’s website and check regularly for updates and ways you can help:


After AETA passed both houses of Congress and was signed into law we, the Equal Justice Alliance redoubled efforts to nullify its effect on animal rights activism. We have resolved that Equal Justice Alliance must continue its mission along three tracks:

* Protect equal justice and freedom of speech for animal and other social justice advocates by working to repeal AETA and to prevent future repressive legislation;

* Provide an alternative Congressional watchdog function;

* Promote atmosphere of respect for animal advocacy within legal community.

We plan to pursue three ways of neutralizing AETA:

1. By convincing federal district attorneys not to prosecute under AETA because the law is too broad and vague to make it through the courts;

2. By convincing federal courts to declare the law unconstitutional or to dismiss a test case because the law is too broad, vague, and unconstitutional;

3. By convincing Congress that the law is unworkable, unconstitutional, and should be repealed.

You can help us by taking one or more of the actions suggested in this appeal Combine pdf for free Download. Peter Muller, Chair, Equal Justice Alliance


Membership is open to bona fide organization who have an expressed desire to oppose the enforcement of the currently enacted laws know commonly as AETA (Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Public Law No: 109- 374).

General eligibility for membership:

– A statement that the organization is unqualifiedly opposed to AETA;

– Willingness to have the organization’s name appear on the EJA letterhead;

– Willingness to activate its membership to petition public officials to nullify the effects of AETA.

Levels of membership:

– Full membership – organizational dues $500/year

– Associate membership – organizational dues $100/year

– Affiliates no dues


– On resolutions for actions of EJA:

– Full members and Associate members

On resolution involving EJA’s expenditure of financial resources in excess of $1,000: Full members


EJA’s Executive Director Odette Wilkins is spearheading our legal strategy along several legal paths. She needs assistance of experienced attorneys in:

– Defending organizations and individuals prosecuted under AETA;

– Helping to get a federal court to declare the law unconstitutional;

– Obtaining supportive statements from local bar associations and civil liberties organizations;

– Obtaining supportive amicus briefs;

– Promoting local legal forum about AETA;

– Furnishing and reviewing language for proposed amendments to AETA


The deleterious effect of AETA needs constant reiteration and publicity and so do all efforts to nullify the effect of this pernicious Act. Whenever programs are presented to the public and to the animal rights community — the potential effect of AETA and the necessity to nullify it should be mentioned. EJA will be happy to furnish your forum with speakers, and talking points on AETA. We will be happy to supply your newsletters with detailed articles — addressing how AETA can interfere with actions planned by your organization.

email: petermuller [at]


12/8/06: AETA UPDATE / Hope For Repeal?

11/16/06: Questions & Rumors: Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

11/13/06 – Done Deal? AETA Passes

11/11/06 – Post-Election AETA Action – Your Right To Speak for Animals

10/25/06 – Activism = Terrorism?

10/5/06 – If You Speak For Animals, AETA Concerns You

9/27/06 – URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Protect Your Rights

8/21/06 – Save Your Right To Protest – Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act


5. Ask To Stop Selling Animal Fighting Materials

REPLY TO DIRECTLY TO: Forwarded alert from LCChihuahua [at]

Original alert: here


2/8/07, from The Humane Society of the United States — The HSUS has repeatedly asked to stop selling cockfighting magazines The Gamecock and The Feathered Warrior. After nearly two years of discussion, continues to sell these magazines promoting and facilitating illegal cockfighting, despite a federal law prohibiting such activities. also sells DVDs that promote and depict dogfighting. has recently pledged to stop selling the dogfighting DVDs, but the company has made similar promises before and later resumed selling the materials. Cockfighting and dogfighting are cruelty to animals, plain and simple. Does have any business promoting these illegal activities?


Visit right now and ask them to stop selling any materials devoted to promoting illegal animal fighting.

Fill out/send [HSUS} form to let us know you spoke out on animal fighting.


1/25/07 – Animal Fighting Bill Back In 110th Congress

COLUMN: Fatal Fights – Dogs On The Underground Circuit

FACT SHEETS: Animals Used For Entertainment & Exhibition

11/24/06 – Don’t Let Animal Fighting Bill Die In Committee

10/24/06 – Pass The Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act


6 zeichentrickfilme kostenlos herunterladen. Take Action For Carriage Horses

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: coalitionbanhdc [at]




2/10/07, from coalitionbanhdc [at] — The ASPCA was founded by Henry Bergh in 1866. A prominent New Yorker, Bergh cared about the grave injustices to animals and did something about it. In explaining his philosophy of animal protection, Bergh said “This is a matter purely of conscience; it has no perplexing side issues. It is a moral question in all its aspects.” …He was a true defender of animals – particularly horses – and I do not doubt he would have joined our cause and taken a lead role if he were still alive.

But today’s ASPCA presents a different picture… From the ASPCA web site: “The ASPCA is not opposed to the use of horses and other equines in pulling carts and carriages for hire, provided that all of the animals’ physiological and behavioral needs are fully met, housing and stable conditions are humane and their working hours and conditions are carefully regulated as to temperature, humidity, proximity to traffic, rest periods, etc. Working equines should receive regular veterinary and farrier care and be provided a humane retirement when no longer able to work.”

THESE PROVISOS ARE CLEARLY QUESTIONABLE AND THE ASPCA MUST REALIZE THAT – BRINGING THE ENTIRE STATEMENT INTO QUESTION AS BEING DISINGENUOUS. (For example, horses are herd animals. They need to socialize with other horses and to have access to turnout – neither behavioral need is being met. In addition, multi-story stables, which are accessed by ramps, are not
considered humane. Also – humidity is not a factor in the present law; and it is near impossible to monitor whether horses are getting the required 15 minute break every two hours)…

Our grass roots, under-funded all volunteer campaign has made remarkable progress in one year – but in order to move forward more quickly, we know that this is an issue in search of a another Mr. Bergh – a leader with chutzpah, resources and influence — and the will to get things done.


1. Contact Ed Sayres, president of the ASPCA, and ask him to take an active stand in supporting a ban of this industry: esayres [at]

2. Contact your NYC Council member to ask that they support legislation that will put an end to the horse-drawn carriage trade in NYC. Visit the council web site and let your views be known

Look up your NYC Council member:


Ban The Carriage Horse Industry in New York City


5/8/06 – How Many Carriage Horse Crashes Will It Take?

1/25/06 – NYC Streets No Place For Carriage Horses


7. Cruel Treatment Of Sled Dogs In Greenland

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: The Canadian Voice – Argentina, canadian_voice_argentina [at]

SAMPLE LETTER FROM canadian_voice_argentina [at]

Dear Mr. Premier Henoksen:

We have just received terrible news and shocking images of the treatment of sled dogs in Greenland. We have also been informed about the despicable conditions in which these poor animals live, e.g., seldom do they have water, fed but once a week; tortured and exposed to freezing temperatures among other things. All this, despite the fact that as far as we know, your country has laws to prevent such cruelty.

We have also heard from other concerned people who have already contacted your offices and received the poor excuse that “your government is opposed to this”. This response is not enough; if you have laws they must be enforced. Mr. Henoksen, as the head of your country you have the fate of these poor animals in your hands and the world is looking at you. We urge you to put a stop to this immediately and take all the necessary measures to enforce your laws. We are forwarding this e-mail to the Greenlandic media, Danish embassies all over the world, tourism offices and all our contacts throughout the world download old typo3 versions.



info [at], stina [at], elna [at], nicolai [at], arne [at], krarup [at], irene [at], erik [at], hans [at], tuusi [at], lars.johansen [at], lotte.symes [at], minnguaq.kleist [at], kuupik.kleist [at], hogni.hoydal [at], hans.helms [at], nasibm [at], ip [at], ombudsman [at], oslamb [at], madamb [at], ambadane [at], dtcsydney [at], vieamb [at], bruamb [at], bsbamb [at], ottamb [at], lsorensen [at], tllamb [at], helamb [at], paramb [at], beramb [at], budamb [at], dubamb [at], romamb [at], luxamb [at], consulate [at], danconsul [at], haaamb [at], [at], oslamb [at], lisamb [at], stoamb [at], brnamb [at], lonamb [at], wasamb [at], info [at], qtt [at], turist [at], uummannaq [at], qeqertarsuaq [at], discobay [at], info [at], tourism [at], qtt [at], turist [at], uummannaq [at], info [at], [at], incoming [at], Hideo [at], sfjtrafik [at], aul [at] ,info [at], advnorth [at]


8. Slovenia To Kill 106 Brown Bears In 2007

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: The society for the rights and liberation of animals, Slovenia, info [at]


2/12/07, from info [at] — Dear friends of animals! I send you a protest letter for some politicians in Slovenia, who want to kill 106 brown bears, although a brown bear is an endangered animal species, protected with regulations of Slovenia as well as European Union. Please send this protest letter.


Janez Podobnik, Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning
Government of the Republic of Slovenia
Dunajska c. 48, SI-1000 Ljubljana
email: janez.podobnik [at], gp.mop [at], janez.podobnik [at]

Janez Janša, President of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia
Gregorčičeva 20, 25, SI-1000 Ljubljana
email: gp.kpv [at], predsednik [at]

Dr. Janez Drnovšek, President of the Republic of Slovenia
Erjavčeva 17, SI-1000 Ljubljana
email: gp.uprs [at]


Your Excellency,

I, the undersigned, protest against the killing of brown bears in Slovenia, planned to take place in 2007.

There is no rhyme or reason in causing suffering to innocent living creatures and in violence towards nature.

If it is true, as alleged, that there are too many bears in Slovenia, that is no reason for resorting to killing, as there are other, non-violent means of resolving the situation. Slovenia has provided for such means, witness its Strategy of brown bear population management. Furthermore, nature can be trusted to ensure natural balance on its own; there is no reason for man to interfere, as attested by numerous natural reserves where there is no hunting and also no imbalance. Human interfering with natural processes can bring about even greater imbalance – and even greater damage to all of us.

Your Excellency, I appeal to you to do everything in your power to prevent the planned killing of bears – the killing of innocent living beings that have the same right to life as humans.

Thank you for your kind attention.

(Your name and address)


Slovenian Bishops:
tiskovni.urad.ssk [at], nadskofija.ljubljana [at], ordinariat [at], ordinariat [at], skofija.koper [at], skofija.novo.mesto [at], ordinariat [at]

Pope Benedict XVI:
office [at], lev [at], ctv [at]


Your Excellency,

The Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning of Slovenia is preparing a quota 106 bears to be killed in 2007.

I am deeply convinced that killing animals is against the fifth commandment: »Do not kill!« Killing animals means killing of living creatures, which are created by God.

Since the Slovenian government plans to kill this God’s creature, we suggest you to protest against the Minister Janez Podobnik and President of the Government Janez Janša. Let’s suggest them to do whatever is needed to preserve the live of bears.


9. Pennsylvania Puppy Mills

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Forwarded by, INDCALPET [at], ihelppets [at]

Prisoners of Greed / Puppymills Breed Misery


Pennsylvania Kennel Regulations Published! FROZEN TO DEATH. That’s what is happening in Pennsylvania kennels right now. We have reports of dogs who are freezing to death in the bitterly cold weather. The Department of Agriculture has been issuing press releases touting all their big changes – a new Dog Law Advisory Board, new employees, one puppy mill bust – but the dogs are still suffering bilder fürs handy kostenlos herunterladen. Lots of talk and PR but nothing has changed for almost all of the thousands of dogs who are imprisoned in kennels in
Pennsylvania. Little dogs are in kennels without heat. You won’t read that in a press release. But we now have an opportunity to get new regulations that really can help the dogs – like requiring heat. People who have been getting our emails for many years know that we have worked for almost 7 years to get new regulations for kennels in Pennsylvania. We have asked you to send emails and faxes to Pennsylvania authorities and you responded by the thousands. Together we have gotten to this point where Proposed Kennel Regulations have finally been published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.

The public comment period for the Proposed Regulations runs until March 16, 2007. If there are enough comments, it’s very possible to get the proposed regulations modified. The Proposed Regulations are better than what currently exists, but there are substantial changes that need to be made. This is our last opportunity to get changes made to help the dogs.


If you can help us fight for the dogs one more time, please click here.


COLUMN: Born In A Missouri Puppy Mill

6/14/06 – Crackdown On Puppy Mills With PAWS

5/24/06 – Urge Ohio To Back Model Puppy Mill Bill


10. Sea Shepherd Engages Japanese Whalers

REPLY TO DIRECTLY TO: Centcom, centcom [at], Win Animal Rights

BETTER YET, DONATE TO: Sea Shepherd’s Operation Leviathan –

Kinship Circle - 2007-02-14 - 03 - Section 10 - Sea Shepherd

Forwarded from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: Sea Shepherd Update

February 9th, 2007 0830 Hours. (Auckland N.Z. time)

The Sea Shepherd ships Farley Mowat and the Robert Hunter have been engaged in a confrontation with the Japanese Whaling factory ship Nisshin Maru since 0530 Hours this morning.

When the Robert Hunter first approached the Nisshin Maru there were three hunter killer vessels with the mother ship. These vessels quickly fled northward. The Nisshin Maru fled East straight towards the Farley Mowat. At two miles from the Farley Mowat, the Nisshin Maru turned and fled back west again.

There was a pod of whales in the area near the whalers. The Sea Shepherd crew are happy to report that these whales fled and are now safe from the Japanese harpoons.

The Sea Shepherd crew have successfully delivered six litres of Butyric Acid onto the flensing deck of the Nisshin Maru. This “butter acid” is a nontoxic obnoxious smelling substance. The foul smell has cleared the flensing deck and stopped all work of cutting up whales.

Sea Shepherd crew in Zodiacs have nailed plates to the drain outlets on the Nisshin Maru that spill the blood of the whales from the flensing deck into the sea. This is backing up the blood onto the flensing decks. The plates are secured by Hilt nail guns that drive steel nails through solid steel.

Sea Shepherd has relayed the coordinates to the Greenpeace vessel Esperanza. Despite Greenpeace’s refusal to cooperate with the Sea Shepherd ships, the whales need every anti-whaling ship in the area. Greenpeace refuses to give Sea Shepherd their position so it is unknown how long it will take them to reach the area where the whaling fleet is operating.

Sea Shepherd was able to outmaneuver the Japanese Satellite tracking system by taking the ships south of the Balleny Islands through heavy ice. Thirty years of ice navigation opposing the Canadian seal slaughter has proven quite helpful. The Satellite surveillance program cannot track a ship’s wake through the ice. “We came in the back door out of the freezer so to speak,” said Captain Paul Watson.

The Sea Shepherd ships have been searching for the Japanese fleet for five weeks and have covered thousands of square miles of ocean.

The crew of both Sea Shepherd ships are relieved that the Japanese whaling fleet has been found and is now under pursuit and engaged in confrontation with the Robert Hunter and the Farley Mowat.

This email was authorized by Captain Paul Watson and/or First Officer Gunter Filho.

DONATE TO Sea Shepherd’s Operation Leviathan:


11. Animal Lovers Win Extra Life For 400 Chinese Cats

REPLY TO DIRECTLY TO: Centcom, centcom [at], Win Animal Rights


2/12/07, Jonathan Watts in Beijing, Guardian Unlimited:

Kinship Circle - 2007-02-14 - 04 - Section 11 - Chinese Cats

Some of the 400 cats that were rescued from a market in Tianjin.
Photograph: China Photos/Getty Images

China’s nascent animal rights movement claimed a rare and bloody victory today after rescuing more than 400 cats that were about to be slaughtered for their fur and meat.

The felines were saved from a market in Tianjin after a standoff last week between 100 pet lovers and police that left one protester hospitalised.

Until recent years, respect for animal rights was almost non-existent in China, where dogs, cats, birds, lizards and turtles are often displayed in cramped market cages, before being slaughtered – sometimes by being beaten to death. But the country’s rising affluence has brought with it a pet-pampering middle class, many of whom think of dogs as man’s best friend rather than a popular item on a restaurant menu.

Activists are becoming bolder, posting video footage of cruel treatment on Youtube and staging protests.

Last November, 500 pet lovers in Beijing staged a noisy demonstration against a police cull of dogs and new limits on pet ownership – both introduced to halt the spread of rabies.

In the latest confrontation, 100 supporters of the “Love Kitty” group in Tianjin surrounded a market, where cats and dogs were being slaughtered. Many of the protesters were local people who had lost their pets and suspected the animals had been abducted by furriers.

The police refused to support the animal protection group because there is no law in China against killing cats and dogs, and all the animal traders were licensed.

Lu Di, director of the Small Animal Protection Association, described the confrontation that followed: “The demonstrators were afraid that the killings were continuing behind the closed doors so they made their way inside. They found cats crammed inside tiny wire cages about 10 cm high. About 80 police officers arrived and there were scuffles. One man suffered a head injury and is still in hospital.”

To avoid further clashes, the Hebei provincial government allowed the cats to be taken to Lu’s shelter in Beijing. But it has been difficult for her small, non-profit organisation to cope with so many maltreated animals. Of the 444 cats that were initially saved, 19 have died.

“We don’t have enough money, food or medical care so we are calling for help,” said Lu.

Her fellow volunteers want the government to take steps to prevent a recurrence. “In China, there is no law to protect animals,” said the association’s vice-director Zhang Dan.

“This is unacceptable. Even poor countries in Africa have such laws. We are petitioning the National People’s Congress to make new legislation.”

Attitudes to other animals may also need to change. Less than a week before the start of the Chinese Year of the Pig, the local media reported the maltreatment of hundreds of swine that were not allowed to be tended because of a lease dispute.

“Most pigs were so hungry and thirsty that they were not even able to stand and only huddled together, with some piglets lying lifeless,” the Yangcheng Evening News said.



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