UPC: Urge MORNINGSTAR FARMS to Stop Using Eggs

February 22nd, 2007 2:11 pm by Kelly Garbato

UPDATE, 2/22/07:

Compassion Over Killing (COK) has more info available at Morningstar-Egg-Facts.com, including a handy-dandy contact form. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve feasted on a Gardenburger – since I made the transition from vegetarian to vegan, actually – but apparently they’ve veganized all but one of their veggie patties. Good stuff.


Via United Poultry Concerns:

Urge MORNINGSTAR FARMS to Stop Using Eggs

Morningstar Farms, owned by the Kellogg company, uses eggs from battery-caged hens in its products. Battery-caged hens are jammed into tiny wire cages in filthy buildings. Their lives are totally miserable. For information about battery-caged hens, visit http://www.upc-online.org/battery_hens.

United Poultry Concerns is joining Compassion Over Killing and Vegan Outreach in urging our members and all compassionate people to ask Morningstar Farms – a leader in providing delicious vegetarian foods – to remove the eggs from its products. Tell them that many vegan consumers – would-be customers – await this positive change!

Whom Do I Contact & How?

Call the Kellogg customer feedback hotline at 1-800-962-1413.

Write to: Morningstar Farms, c/o Kellogg Consumer Affairs, PO Box CAMB, Battle Creek, MI 49016

Go to the Morningstar Farms website at http://www.seeveggiesdifferently.com and follow the Contact Us instructions. The problem is, you must submit your date-of-birth and name a specific product for your message to be completed and sent. Therefore, United Poultry Concerns will gladly deliver your message to Morningstar Farms via regular mail, if you will please do the following:

Compose an email request to Morningstar Farms asking the company to remove the eggs from all of its products. Include your first & last name and your regular mailing address w/zipcode, as you would in a regular letter. Ask Morningstar Farms for a reply. Be polite. Submit your email, addressed to Morningstar Farms, to Info [at] upc-online.org. We will forward your letter to Morningstar Farms.



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    […] After getting a few emails regarding the Morningstar Farms action alert from United Poultry Concerns (UPC) that I posted a few days ago, I went poking around the Compassion Over Killing-sponsored website http://www.morningstar-egg-facts.com, which eventually led me to http://www.eggindustry.com. The Taking Action section offers suggestions to help you go egg-free, including the following petition: Lend your voice to the animals by pledging to not buy eggs from caged hens*. […]

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