WWF: Protect Bulgaria’s natural treasures

March 3rd, 2007 3:02 pm by mad mags

Via the World Wildlife Fund:

Protect Bulgaria’s natural treasures

The location of the new holiday complex near the village of Varvara on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast is nothing but idyllic, where the thickly forested Strandzha Mountains march almost directly onto the Black Sea.

Little wonder that holiday homes have already been snapped up by foreign investors, even before construction is completed.

The problem – unbeknown to investors – is that the complex is being built illegally within the Strandzha Nature Park, without the agreement of the park authorities.

Sadly this story is not unique. In Bulgaria, especially when it comes to environmental protection, laws on paper still mean little in practice. Lack of capacity, will or even corruption on the part of authorities and political decision makers are allowing individual interests to ransack Bulgaria’s greatest natural treasures. In all too many cases, foreign investors from the UK and other countries are silent accomplices.

Send an email now to the Bulgarian authorities.



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