NWF: Stop a Landing Strip from Destroying the Pocosin Lakes Refuge

April 11th, 2007 1:13 pm by Kelly Garbato

Via the National Wildlife Federation:

Stop a Landing Strip from Destroying the Pocosin Lakes Refuge

The United States Navy is planning on constructing a jet landing field in eastern North Carolina within 3.5 miles of the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, one of the most critical wintering grounds for waterfowl in the Atlantic flyway and home to endangered red wolves.

This would be a disaster for the refuge and the hundreds of thousands of waterfowl that winter in the area, as well as the many sportsmen, birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts who regularly enjoy the refuge. The landing strip would not only put wildlife at risk. It would also pose unacceptable risks to the safety of Navy pilots.

Write your Members of Congress below and demand that the Navy select an alternative site for this jet landing field!

As always with action alerts and sample letters generated by enviro groups, be sure to edit out the whole part about how issue xyz will negatively impact hunters, anglers, and the like.

Read: if the Navy’s proposed landing strip kills any waterfowl, then there’s less left for “sportsmen” to blow away. Poor buhbies.

Tiny violin, anyone? (Via.)

Boo fucking hoo.

(And dontcha just love how they’re referred to as “sportsmen”, as opposed to the more generic term “sportspeople”? Way to go, NWF: speciesism and misogyny in one tidy little sentence. Blech.)



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