No Kill Advocacy Center: The No Kill Advocate E-Newsletter, Issue No. 2, 2007

April 12th, 2007 7:11 pm by Kelly Garbato

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A No Kill nation is within our reach…

The No Kill Advocate Issue #2 for 2007 is available by clicking here.

The No Kill Advocate is a free e-newsletter. In this issue:

Saving Pit Bulls in Shelters. Saving Pit Bulls requires a multi-prong approach that includes both short and long term strategies. First and foremost, however, it requires shelters to stop blaming the victims.

Five Steps to Increasing Adoptions. Read what some of the nation’s most progressive shelters are doing to save lives.

CAPA of 2007. The No Kill Advocacy Center introduces model legislation for activists to pursue in their own community. It’s goal? Legislating the “humane” back into “Humane Society.”

A Tour of U.S. Shelters. A visual tour of how shelters are failing the animals who depend on them for their very lives.

The Power to Change. If your shelter has a high kill rate, the power to change the status quo is in your hands.

And more.

The No Kill Advocate Issue #2 for 2007 is available by clicking here. (Pop-up blocker must be disabled. Otherwise go to and click on “What’s New.”)

For more information about the No Kill Advocacy Center, click here.

To support No Kill efforts nationwide by making a secure online donation, click here. To donate by check, click here.

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