Four Paws: Import prohibition for dog and cat fur (EU)

April 13th, 2007 12:21 pm by Kelly Garbato

UPDATE, 6/20/07, via Four Paws:

European Parliament Votes for Strict Import Ban of Dog and Cat Fur

Milestone for International VIER PFOTEN Campaign

Today, the EU Parliament voted for an import and trading ban of dog and cat fur throughout the European Union. With that, the aim of VIER PFOTEN to get a regulation without a huge loophole for animal cruelty comes closer. The Members of Parliament rejected an exception proposed by the European Commission. Following this suggestion, dog and cat furs would continue to be imported if the furs do not originate from fur farms. “VIER PFOTEN welcomes this vote for animal welfare by the European Parliament”, as Thomas Pietsch, expert on wild animals at VIER PFOTEN, explains. “The deletion of the loophole is a big success for animal welfare, import of pelts from brutally tortured pets will be a thing of the past soon”.

In the context of an online campaign by VIER PFOTEN more than 160.000 e-mails were sent to the EU Ministers of Agriculture within the last ten weeks. Celebrities support the campaign: In Germany, Hannelore Hoger, Juli Zeh, Barbara Rütting and Peter Horton side with animal welfare and demand, together with VIER PFOTEN, to delete the exception clause in the draft regulation. According to a representative opinion poll from April 2007, more than 88,1 percent of the Germans support a strict import ban of dog and cat fur. [to be adjusted nationally]


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From: FOUR PAWS – newsletter [at]
Date: Apr 13, 2007 6:39 AM
Subject: Import prohibition for dog and cat fur

More than two million dogs and cats give up their lives for fur products every year in Asia. Many animals are specially bred for the fur industry, others are simply caught on the streets. Furs from dogs that often land on the dinner plate in Asian countries could also make their way into international trade. These dogs and cats generally vegetate in tiny wire cages. Brutal methods of killing are the order of the day, with some animals having their fur ripped off their still living bodies.

Hundreds of thousands of these furs make their way into the European Union each year where they are then sold to unsuspecting consumers as trimming on clothes, blankets, decoration articles or toys. Please help us close the European market to these products and stop this cruelty to animals!

There is a proposal for an import and trade prohibition being discussed at the moment in the EU. However, this prohibition is just limited to dog and cat furs that expressly originate from fur farms. The import of furs from other sources will continue to be allowed. For this reason VIER PFOTEN is starting an international campaign today for a loophole-free import prohibition! With your help, we would like to convince the European Parliament and the EU Member States to close the existing “loophole for animal cruelty” and to furthermore campaign for a statutory labelling obligation for all fur products. Our aim: No dog or cat fur to be allowed to make its way into the EU anymore! Time is running out as the final decision of the Council of Ministers is expected to be made on 7 May.

Take part! Get involved with our campaign for a loophole-free import prohibition. With just a click of the mouse you can appeal by email to the responsible Ministers for Agriculture from Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Rumania and Hungary to support our demands.

You could give this action even more weight by “inviting” as many animal lovers as you can to also become involved online. To do this, send the following text to friends and acquaintances:

Protest against the trade in dog and cat fur, together with me and VIER PFOTEN:

Many thanks for your support and best regards,

Take part! Click here and get involved with our campaign for a loophole-free import prohibition…


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