RAN: What’s your Earth Day Resolution?

April 17th, 2007 6:34 pm by Kelly Garbato

What’s your Earth Day Resolution? Rainforest Action Network wants to know!

Some tips to getcha started:

● Go local – The average meal travels 1,500 miles to get to our plates!

● Grow your own – Get out in your yard and start digging or get together with some neighbors and start a community garden. Now we’re talkin’ really local.

● Go organic – 40 percent of energy used in the food system goes toward the production of artificial, petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides.

● Go veg – Cow manure releases 18 percent of the Earth’s carbon monoxide. Reducing your meat intake even a little bit can help.

● Go car free – The average driver uses two gallons of gas a day; ride your bike or take the bus to go to the store!

● Turn off the lights – Do better than fluorescent bulbs, go for candles this Earth Day. You’ll like the atmosphere. While you’re at it, switch out those old fluorescent bulbs once and for all.

Speaking of going veg, take a moment to check out the PB&J Campaign, which is

working to combat environmental destruction and improve animal welfare by reducing the amount of animal products people eat. The PB&J Campaign approaches positive change one meal at a time by illuminating the differences one single dining decision can make.

Though the site is geared towards animal welfare as opposed to animal rights, if a yummy PB&J sandwich can convince the meat-n-potatoes omni’s out there to opt for a cruelty-free meal…just once, anyway…then that’s just fine by me. Baby steps, people.



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