Ecological Internet: Stop Malaysian Samling Group – Global Leaders in Rainforest Destruction

April 18th, 2007 7:55 pm by Kelly Garbato

UPDATE, 6/1/07, via Ecological Internet:

VICTORY: Amerindians Force Samling to Stop Some Illegal Logging in Guyana

Yet another stunning victory for Ecological Internet’s (EI) Earth Action Network and partners, as Amerindian Villages in Guyana where Barama/Samling has been logging illegally have thrown Samling out of those communities. Or depending upon how you spin it, Samling withdrew after being told in no uncertain terms that the residents and Council did not want the logging company there. If only every community with ancient forests undergoing logging on their lands (legal or illegal) that they do not desire were to be given the choice of just saying no. Most of the tropical timber industry would be shut down tomorrow, WWF and Greenpeace would be without a forest conservation program, and prospects for global forest and ecological sustainability would increase dramatically.


Via Ecological Internet / The Rainforest Portal:

Stop Malaysian Samling Group – Global Leaders in Rainforest Destruction

In the South American state of Guyana, the Akawini Amerindian Village has asked the Government to help end an agreement with a Samling-subsidiary. Their council has said that the villagers were threatened with court action unless they signed an agreement allowing logging on their lands by Guyanese Samling subsidiary Barama Co. Ltd. “As soon as the agreement was signed we saw heavy duty machinery such as bulldozers, logging trucks and excavators come onto our village lands.” The Amerindians fear the destruction and loss of their forest resources through the Samling subsidiary’s activities that they were coerced into approving. Barama’s Forest Stewardship Council certification partially paid for by WWF on 570,000 hectares of tropical forest was suspended because of such landowner swindles in the Northwest Region of Guyana, further making a mockery of “certification” of sustainable ancient rainforest logging.

Please send the email [here] targeting the banks funding Samling; Credit Suisse, HSBC and Macquaries Securities Ltd., asking them for a public statement to withdraw their support to Samling and refund of IPO profits. Let these rainforest destroying banks, Malaysian tourism and business, and Malaysian government know that globally all remaining large and intact rainforests must be permanently protected from industrial development; and they can expect boycotts and further protests should the barbarous Malaysian industrial timber industry not be disbanded.



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