If I were Neopagan , I’d address this to Mother…

April 22nd, 2007 11:02 am by mad mags

But I’m not, so


to you bewegliche hintergrundbilder kostenlos downloaden!

More Earth Day eCards here, here, here, here, here, here, and here minecraft kostenlose vollversionen.

(Because I know you didn’t waste money and trees on the real thing. At least I hope you didn’t. You didn’t, right?)

In celebration, some Earth Day Jeopardy from Environmental Defense after the jump why i can't apps.

Here’s how it works: jot down your answers to the questions below, and when you’re done, Environmental Defense will send you the answers…but only if you forward an Earth Day eCard to at least one friend. Devious greenies, aren’t they?

Earth Day Jeopardy: We’ll give you a couple answers to get started.

1. The American President whose eleven-state conservation tour was a precursor to Earth Day…

Who is John F. Kennedy.

2. United States Senator who first proposed Earth Day…

Who is Gaylord Nelson.

To answer these next few questions, you’ll have to send an e-card!

3. The U.S. city that issued the first Earth Day proclamation…

4. Folk singer who was the keynote speaker and performer during the first Earth Day march in Washington D.C….

5. Popular Earth Day slogan sung during the first Earth Day march…

6. Presently, the number of countries that celebrate Earth Day…



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