PCRM: PCRM Online, May 2007

May 1st, 2007 7:22 pm by Kelly Garbato

The May ’07 issue of PCRM Online is now available online; you can view the entire newsletter online here.

Current action alerts include the following:

Duke University Ends Live Pig Lab in Medical School Curriculum

Last month, PCRM learned that Duke University School of Medicine has joined the nearly 90 percent of U.S. medical schools that have completely eliminated live animals from their undergraduate medical education curricula. The school’s live pig lab was replaced with modern non-animal teaching methods.

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PCRM Billboards Educate March of Dimes Walkers

Participants at March of Dimes WalkAmerica events have one goal in mind: raising money to help babies through effective medical research. PCRM’s goal in placing mobile billboards at many WalkAmerica events was to educate those participants that much of that money goes toward funding ineffective and cruel animal research.

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PCRM Seeks Nominees for the Golden Carrot Awards

While the healthfulness of school lunches is slowly improving, many children get by on a diet of chicken nuggets, French fries, and cheese pizza during the school day. However, some students are lucky enough to dine on fresh vegetables, hearty bean soups, veggie burgers and other low-fat vegetarian fare. To recognize food service professionals who go the extra mile to keep kids healthy, PCRM is seeking nominees for its fourth annual Golden Carrot Awards.


An archive of past alerts is available for browsing here.



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