NRDC: Tell Congress not to let polluters weaken the Clean Water Act

May 3rd, 2007 5:35 pm by mad mags

UPDATE, 5/15/07:

See also: Support the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act, from the National Wildlife Federation application for basic security.

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Via the Natural Resources Defense Council:

Tell Congress not to let polluters weaken the Clean Water Act

Since the Clean Water Act was enacted in 1972, we have made great progress in cleaning up our nation’s waters online radio herunterladen. But polluters have tried repeatedly to use the courts to cut back on the law’s protections, and last year their efforts paid off when a Supreme Court decision left significant doubt about what kinds of water bodies remain protected by the Clean Water Act excel kostenlos herunterladen.

Now a number of small streams and other waters are in legal limbo. This uncertainty is enormously dangerous — 20 million acres of wetlands and nearly two million miles of streams are at risk of pollution or destruction if they lose their Clean Water Act protections herunterladen. In response, concerned members of the House and Senate will soon introduce the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act to thwart polluters’ attacks by specifying the kinds of waters that the law must cover herunterladen.

Americans need these water bodies to be protected — the small and seasonal creeks, brooks and streams that make up over half the river miles outside of Alaska contribute to the drinking water of roughly 111 million people herunterladen. In addition, wetlands purify water, reduce the risk of flooding and provide important wildlife habitat.

Send a message urging your senators and representative to co-sponsor the Clean Water Authority Restoration Act world atlas.



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