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May 6th, 2007 9:54 am by mad mags

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Date: May 4, 2007 5:41 PM
Subject: Pet Food Recall Update

May 4, 2007: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated yesterday that consumers have reported the deaths of as many as 8,500 dogs and cats as a result of tainted pet food von youtube musik herunterladen kostenlos. LiveSmart Adult Lamb and Brown Rice was added as the latest companion animal food to the recall list gmail message.

According to Los Angeles Times “federal officials traced the initial problem to protein concentrates imported from China that were tainted with melamine and other chemicals…some of the tainted pet foods were sold for use in feed for 6,000 hogs and nearly 3 million chickens destined for human consumption” herunterladen von whatsapp funktioniert nicht.

Now is the time…to act, to start making more responsible, informed choices about our food, the food we feed our companion animals and the products we use wo kann man sich kostenlos musiken. There are heathy, safe alternatives!

For you…

With reports of laced feed ending up in the stomachs of animals set for human consumption, one cannot help but stop and think about our food system and the things we are putting in our bodies herunterladen. As always we encourage you to go Vegetarian or Vegan! Take that step for animals, for the environment and for your health. There is a new free book that may help convince those of you that are not already vegetarian or vegan herunterladen. For a limited time the book The Real Forbidden Fruit: How Meat Destroys Paradise and How Veganism Can Get it Back, can be downloaded free of charge samsung cannot download images. Check it out it might just change your life and life of hundreds of animals.

For your companion animals…

Consider what is in your pet food and where it comes from pacybits 20en ios. The pet food industry profits from waste products deemed unfit for human consumption, they use vague ingredient names (i.e. by-products, meals, and digests) and are essentially unregulated for their animal protein sources wie kann ich netflix serien herunterladen.

While not all of us have time to prepare meals for our dogs and cats, there are responsible steps you can take to protect your companion animals ios 10 downloaden op ipad. Become familiar with pet food ingredients, read labels carefully, and consider making the same compassionate choice you did with your diet, by feeding your companion animal a vegetarian diet. Always remember that making major changes to your companion’s diet (whether it be going vegetarian or changing the type of food) takes time, make the transition slowly and monitor your pet’s behavior, appetite, weight, coat, teeth and gums for any change. For more information about label reading and common pet food ingredients visit the The Dog Food Project.

Keep Updated on the Pet Food Recall

To get up to the minute email alerts about the Pet Food Recall visit the Pet Food Project.

For a complete list of the recalled pet food products and information about the FDA and regulations on pet food production and ingredients visit the FDA website.

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