API: Prevent Cruel and Inhumane Treatment of Rabbits in Fur Fashion & More

May 10th, 2007 7:49 pm by mad mags

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Subject: Prevent Cruel and Inhumane Treatment of Rabbits in Fur Fashion & More

Prevent Cruel and Inhumane Treatment of Rabbits in Fur Fashion

Consumers for a Fur Free Society (CFFS), the Animal Protection Institute’s program to put an end to the use of fur in fashion, is asking retailers to drop all fur from their inventories sendung arteen. Additionally, CFFS is calling for retailers to take a stand against the cruel international fur trade by putting in writing their commitment to no longer sell fur or fur-trimmed items itunes fotos herunterladen.

Your help is needed to be sure we target all U.S. retailers who are currently selling fur or fur-trimmed items in their stores and catalogs. We also need you to harness your consumer power to let retailers know that profiting from the suffering of animals used in the fur trade is not acceptable herunterladen. Fur is never in fashion!

API recently released in the U.S. an investigation conducted by Animal Portugal. This investigation exposes shocking conditions and inhumane treatment of rabbits, whose fur is used in the international fur trade herunterladen. Investigators noted inhumane handling practices, overcrowding, dead, dying and diseased animals, and cruel slaughtering methods.

To learn more and find out how you can partner with us to put an end to an outdated and cruel form of unfashionable “fashion,” go to http://www.api4animals.org/actionalerts?p=1205&more=1 kostenlos musik über handy downloaden.

Thank you for taking action to keep animals from falling victim to the cruel fur trade!

North Carolina Residents: Protect Exotic “Pets” and Your Community

Please call and write your Senator and Representative today and urge them to support legislation to prohibit the private possession of exotic animals. Two bills have been introduced — SB 1477 by Senator Ed Jones and HB 1614 by Representative Earl Jones — which will prohibit future possession of inherently dangerous wild animals such as lions, tigers, bears, nonhuman primates, and dangerous reptiles.

Both bills will soon be heard in their respective Committees, so time is of the essence! North Carolina is 1 of only 10 states that currently have no regulations prohibiting private possession of inherently dangerous animals. Calls and letters are needed now to ensure that North Carolina comes in line with the majority of states who prohibit the keeping of these animals.

To find out more, and to take action on this alert, go to http://www.api4animals.org/actionalerts?p=1206&more=1

Thank you for protecting exotic animals!

Other Ways to Help Animals:

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PJ Publications and Gifts offers our supporters a wonderful selection of animal-themed products from jewelry and apparel to whimsical household items, publications, and more. Even better, when you enter “API” in the Promo Code box with your order, 20% of your purchase (minus shipping and taxes) will be donated to API.

As founder of PJ Publications and Gifts, Paula Fitzsimmons is passionate about birds, and both she and her husband are active in their local bird welfare club as well as their local humane society and parrot rescue group. Learn more at http://www.pjpublications.com.

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  1. Shanice Says:

    i think that it is so sad what animals have to put up with. Its not like they ever did anything to make us mad. We jus kill for our own pleasure. I think that we should prevent fur trade and jus let the animals be. =]

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