DawnWatch: Entourage race horse rescue — Sunday, 5/6/07

May 10th, 2007 7:43 pm by Kelly Garbato

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I get to tell you about yet another animal friendly episode on a hot show! This past Sunday, May 6 (the day after the Kentucky Derby) the HBO series Entourage provided — in its usual funny and hip style — a glimpse at the dark side of horse racing and the animal-soft side of Vince’s brother Drama.

If you have HBO on demand, stop reading now and go watch! The episode is loads of fun. Then come back to this email so that you can click the link below to send your thanks to the show.

For those who have never watched Entourage: It is produced by Mark Wahlberg and about a hot young movie star named Vince Chase, and his entourage — his actor brother named Drama, his manager Eric, and their buddy Turtle, all of whom have been inseparable for years.

And for those who missed Sunday’s episode and can’t just wait for this one on DVD — because you need to send your thank you note to HBO today, here is a little recap:

The episode continues to follow Vince’s affair with his new agent, Amanda. Ari (Vince’s ex-agent who is trying to get him back) learns that the lead role in Medellin, a film Vince is dying for, is open again. But a deal has to be made by Sunset, and it is Yom Kippur, which causes all sorts of problems in Hollywood. When the deal falls through, the boys, including Vince, accuse Amanda of intentionally stalling it so that Vince won’t have to leave town for six months. It turns out they are wrong, but when Vince tries to apologize, Amanda says goodbye.

Now for the important stuff:

While the industry pauses for Yom Kippur, the boys head to the races for the day. Drama talks them into backing a horse, 50-1, whose grandfather had won Drama money years ago. When the horse loses, the boys go down to placate the horse, and Drama tells him that winning isn’t everything. When they learn that the horse is to be retired, Drama thinks that means that he will go to a stud farm. Then he hears from the owner that it more likely means the glue factory. Drama says he can’t let that happen, and he buys the horse for $2000. He soon learns that keeping a horse in a Los Angeles house, even a mansion, isn’t easy. And boarding him would cost $5,000. But when Vince suggests that maybe Drama should return him, Drama says, “I can’t bro, I love him.” Then Drama gets hit with a $5,000 ticket for not having a permit and Turtle says he should give the horse back. But Drama says, “They’ll send him to the glue factory. No go. We’ve got to find him a good home.”

Drama gets the (not so) brilliant idea of giving the horse as a gift to Ed Burns, his director in a news TV series about to premiere. Before Burns can decline, Burns’s daughter comes out and sees the horse and is as thrilled as Burns is unthrilled, so it looks like the horse has a new home.

One thing is made clear — even if the new home doesn’t work out, Drama is going to make sure King gets a good home somewhere. How nice to see hot shot Hollywood boys linked to animal protection! Also, the episode does a subtle but great job of reminding viewers about the usual fate of washed up race horses.

Please thank Entourage! It is important that the show learns that its viewers appreciate animal friendly messages. Entourage takes comments at http://tinyurl.com/2jwste.

I send thanks to Debbie Maynard and Elizabeth Much for making sure we knew about this episode.

Yours and the animals’,
Karen Dawn

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