Oceana: Protect Ocean Habitat in the Northern Bering Sea from Destructive Bottom Trawling!

May 15th, 2007 2:53 pm by mad mags

UPDATE, 6/29/07, via Oceana:

It’s official – and unanimous. The North Pacific Fishery Management Council voted to protect from bottom trawling some 180,000 square miles of previously unexploited ocean floor in the Bering Sea, particularly in the North secure app sparda herunterladen. […]

The Council chose Alternative 2, advocated by Oceana, other organizations and local communities to essentially “freeze the footprint” on bottom trawling, allowing trawlers to continue operations in areas where trawling currently occurs and establishing a boundary to prevent further damage to seafloor habitats adobe acrobat pro mac for free. The Council’s decision now goes to the National Marine Fisheries Service, which is responsible for putting into operation the actual regulation for in-the-water protection based on the advice they receive from the Council transformers kostenlosen.

This decision was the result of years of campaigning by Oceana and others. WaveMakers like you made your voices heard throughout the campaign, with thousands of public comments to the council on this issue herunterladen.

This decision is a great victory for the whales, walrus, seabirds and other animals in the Bering Sea. Thanks so much for being a part of it.


Via Oceana:

Protect Ocean Habitat in the Northern Bering Sea from Destructive Bottom Trawling gaeb kostenlos herunterladen!

Two years ago, thousands of ocean advocates like you joined together to protect more than 370,000 square miles of exquisite coral gardens and important seafloor habitats of the Aleutian Islands from destructive trawling boxcert.cer. This was an incredible victory not only for wildlife and communities, but also served as an example of visionary and progressive fisheries management — the kind of forward-thinking management we need in these challenging times music maker jam kostenlos downloaden.

This month we have a chance to take another huge step by protecting the northern Bering Sea from destructive bottom trawling vessels. The northern Bering Sea is home to numerous wildlife species, including gray, bowhead and beluga whales, Pacific walrus and endangered seabirds like the spectacled eider amazon prime series.

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council, the body that advises the federal government on fisheries policy, is currently considering a suite of alternatives to protect the essential seafloor habitat of the Northern Bering Sea from bottom trawling herunterladen. One of the alternatives under consideration is Alternative 2, proposed by Oceana and others, which would “freeze the footprint,” or limit bottom trawling vessels to areas where they are already trawling and preventing those factory trawlers from moving farther north whatsapp status download iphone. Alternative 2 would protect the awe-inspiring wildlife of the northern Bering Sea while having a minimal economic impact on fisheries, according to data from the National Marine Fisheries Service’s Draft Environmental Assessment from March of 2007.

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